Monday 30 September 2013

My Favourite Lunch

Remember a while ago I did a post on easy lunches?

I feel bad for not sharing this sooner because it's healthy, ridiculously easy and you can get it ready the night before while the rest of your dinner is cooking.  It's also what I've had for lunch for the last 4 or 5 months which says it all because I get bored of the usual lunchtime foods so quickly (sandwiches, salads...)

It's so easy to prepare the night before, doesn't involve any cooking and uses no fat or oil (except for a little sesame oil for the dressing.

Ready to eat the best and freshest lunch ever?  Read on!
Get some "straight to wok noodles" or any other fresh noodles that don't need a lot of cooking time...these are the ones that I like to use but obviously there are other brands out there!

I would say that you need medium to fat noodles - any thin noodles will get a bit weird once they've been microwaved.

Pick out your favourite stir fry veggies...for my lunch I usually have shiitake mushrooms, baby corn, black fungus, snow peas and of course - seaweed!  In the pictures you can also see some kind of light coloured curly bits - this is rehydrated tofu skin that is really good to add to stir fries and dishes for some added protein but because it's dried it's so easy to keep in the cupboard and re-hydrate when you need it!

Make sure that any veg that take a while to steam get sliced finely - broccoli, beans, squash, carrots....

Once I've sliced everything I layer it all on top of the noodles...

Pop it in the microwave for about 2 minutes, leave the lid on with a slight gap for another minute or two until the veg are steamed then drizzle on the sauce of your choice (mix of sweet chilli and soy sauce for me!)

Hey presto!  Super easy, quick, cheap (mine works out to be about £1.50 a day), healthy as heck and very filling!

If you have any other lunchtime favourites I'd love to hear about them!


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