Sunday, 12 February 2017

What I Got Up To: January 2017

Hey!  How's your 2017 been so far?  Work was utterly ridiculous in the run-up to Black Friday and "peak" (hashtag retail life) but I made it and it's been nice to be able to just have some time to take a breath and get back to "normal" (if there is such a thing in retail...).

Weekends have been mostly spent just relaxing on the sofa with a blanket and something entertaining on the telly. There has been an increase in cinema trips though because Mr Jones gave me the BEST present ever for Christmas, a Limitless pass for Odeon cinemas which lets you go and see ALL the films as many times as you like, as often as you like.

I'm now in my third year of collecting a "photo a day" and am still *mostly* actually sticking to it.  For me it's a really nice way of being able to look back over the last months/years and remembering what I've been doing, where I've been, what I've been eating, etc.


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