Saturday 30 May 2015

Iceland Day 2: The Golden Circle

Our first full day in Iceland and we had some pretty exciting things planned…

First of all, breakfast time at the hotel!  Most days I like oatmeal, toast or maybe some egg with a bagel and avocado on the weekend but I am secretly a fan of the "nordic" style breakfasts - rye bread, cold meats, cheese (even fish paste/fish roe when I visited Stockholm)…

Sunday 17 May 2015

Iceland Day 1: Reykjavik

4am on a Thurday morning and the alarm went off.  Normally I would groan, reset my alarm for a more reasonable hour and go back to sleep.  Not this Thursday though.  This Thursday we were heading to Iceland!

Bags packed, car loaded and up the M1 we went towards Luton airport.  I managed to find a pretty good deal for airport parking (Airparks) so dropped off the car and was whisked away by bus to the airport.

When I fly I have a bit of a routine…do you?  I normally get a McD's breakfast then head to the bar for a glass or two of wine.  Not usually things that go together but I'm scared of flying (even though there are a lot of things I enjoy about being on a plane like being able to see the scenery as you take off, the trays of food and the films) and it all helps.  This time was different though.  No stop at the bar because we were picking up a rental car at the other end of the flight and also because rather than the previous solo flights, I had Mr Jones with me.


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