Tuesday 29 March 2016

Classic Chilli con Carne

Classic Chilli con Carne - a simple recipe for this Mexican style dish which is perfect comfort food and great for freezing and eating as leftovers!

Chilli is such a simple dish but so comforting and filling (not to mention great for using as leftovers for lunch the following day!).  Everyone seems to have their own recipe and their own twist on this classic.  And is it "chili" or "chilli"?!  

I'll be totally open - I usually just get one of those sachets with seasoning and add it to canned tomatoes but isn't it much nicer to make something from scratch?!

Sunday 27 March 2016

Pig's Ears, Richmond

Pig's Ears in Richmond offers a huge variety beers from independent breweries, craft beers and not to mention the finest ribs I've tasted in a long time.  Read on for my review!

After a day on our feet wandering around the Tower of London we were famished.  We were going to go to a place near Waterloo but it was all booked up.  Then we decided to stop off in Richmond on the way home to a restaurant we've wanted to go to for a while but they were fully booked too!  Sigh.  I then remembered a little place I'd noticed the last time we were in Richmond so we had a wander and with fingers crossed hoped they would be able to serve us food.  Blink and you'll miss it, Pig's Ears is down a little stairway below street level but next time you're in Richmond make sure you keep an eye out...

Friday 25 March 2016

Tourists Together: Tower of London

A tourist day in London: having lived in London for almost 6 months now we decided we needed to get to know the city better and what better way to do it than be tourists!  Tower of London - old tour guides in the White Tower

Having now lived in London for almost half a year, Mr Jones and I felt it only right that we take some time to actually spend time in the City and appreciate it - I work in West London, he works more centrally but all we see of this amazing place are the day-to-day sights on our commutes.  What better way to explore than to spend a day as tourists?!

We originally planned to visit a few places - the Tower of London was a definite and then possibly the Churchill War Rooms and London Dungeons...I got an email from my uncle the day before with the advice of if we were going to the Tower "(which BTW, will likely take all day, at least) do go to peer at the crown jewels".  So off we set!

Sunday 13 March 2016

Degustabox: February 2016 (My First One!)

If you're on the internet (which I'm guessing you are if you're reading this...) then no doubt you will have seen all of the subscription boxes out there...I've tried a few, I've stuck with a couple and for some bizarre reason I've never tried Degustabox.  I mean, why wouldn't I have signed up to get edible goodies delivered right to my doorstep?!  I know.  Shame on me.

Well anyway, I saw a pretty great discount code so I'd get two whole boxes so signed up immediately!

Degustabox is one of the more pricey subscription boxes that I've tried (£12.99 a month without any discount code) and one of the things I wanted to see what whether the things you receive are actually worth the monthly subscription so for my first box ever I'm not only trying out and reviewing all of the items but checking to see how much it all would have cost if I bought it at my local supermarket.

So here it is - my inaugural Degustabox and the goodies inside!

Tuesday 1 March 2016

Photo a Day 2016: February

I started a photo a day project (PAD) in 2014 and am still going!  This is my photo a day and round up for February 2016

This year seemed to start off quite slowly but it's now flying by!  

I'm still on track with one of my resolutions (reading challenge) but have been pretty rubbish with the others however I have a whole week off work coming up so hope to spend more time in the kitchen trying out new things!  Have you managed to stick with your resolutions so far?

We've been pretty lucky here in Twickenham with the weather and have only had to scrape ice off my car in the mornings a handful of times but part of me misses the proper winter weather our northern friends have had.


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