Tuesday 11 August 2015

Photo a Day 2015: July

Cider, smoked garlic, jam and a massive mushroom from Dart's Farm, Exeter

July started with a bit of a heatwave in parts of the country.  I was lucky enough to escape the ridiculous temperatures as I was in Devon where it was a lot cooler.  The rest of the month just went downhill - rain, clouds and chilly enough at some points to consider turning the heating on.  Ridiculous!

Sunday 2 August 2015

John West Steam Pots

John West Steam Pots - infused tuna and cous cous - just add water to the cous cous, stir in the tuna and you have a quick, easy and filling lunch!

There is nothing I like more than browsing supermarket shelves for new goodies to try whether it's a new recipe kit, some weird and wonderful veg or a new seasoning or spice.  My latest find are the new John West Steam Pots - a complete meal in one convenient bundle!

Normally I make a little extra when I'm cooking dinner so I can pack up a portion for lunch to take to work the following day but sometimes that dinner-making doesn't happen so have to resort to *cringe* whatever the canteen at work has to offer.  

OR I could just keep a supply of these steam pots in the cupboard so I can pop one in my bag in the morning…


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