Friday 22 March 2013

Keep it Simple aka Smoked Salmon on a Budget

Cooking a massive meal is really rewarding but sometimes it's nice to just throw something together. This is why me and Mr Jones have "girl and boy" dinners. He will usually have chicken nuggets and I tend to go with one of a few options - salmon on poppy seed rolls with lemon and a rocket salad, pizza (he hates cheese so this is never on our regular menu), filled pastas (ricotta and spinach being a favourite), gyoza...

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Shooter's Sandwich

Shooter's Sandwich - a pressed samdwich filled with steaks and mushrooms

I love cooking but have to admit that one of my favourite meals is the humble sandwich.  When Mr Jones showed me a picture of what looked like a squashed loaf of bread I wasn't convinced until I took a closer look...yes, it's a squashed loaf of bread but it's what is squashed inside that makes this a beautiful sandwich - rare steak, sauteed mushrooms, onion (or shallots), garlic and a thin layer of horseradish.  Gorgeous!  Needless to say I made it the next day!

Sunday 17 March 2013

I'm Baaaaaack...

How awful am I?  VERY!  There's no reason at all why I've not posted for months and months but need to get back in the habit of it and as I have all of next week off, what better time?!

So since the last post I've:

  • moved into an excellent house in Berkhamsted
  • moved to a different and much more exciting area at work
  • gained a beautiful Candy Apple red Kitchenaid that seriously needs to be used more!
  • become a godmother
  • signed up for Netflix which is now fulfilling every single viewing need ever
  • optimistically bought an outdoor table and chair set
So!  I'll definitely get my act together and get writing and photographing more.  Promise!


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