Sunday 26 January 2014

My Favourite Lunch Part 2

Back in September I wrote about my favourite lunches because I'm always on the hunt for ideas for healthy and cheap things I can take to work which can be made easily the night before or in a big batch that I can just portion out each day.

Well, I'm still on the quest for delicious lunches that you can make in advance or use leftovers for but here's my latest instalment!  These are great lunches for grown ups but you can easily fun then up for kids with some cute lunch accessories like food picks, silicon dividers or even pens that you can use on food!


I am now officially on holiday for a week!  Woo hoo!  It's definitely needed after the busy Christmas period at work. While I would like to spend the week napping and watching the Food Network I think that I should probably get all the little jobs I've been putting off done plus throw in some fun things too...

To Do
- put away Christmas decorations that have been sitting on the spare bedroom floor for way too long
- mop all the floors
- bake English muffins, bagels, fluffy American biscuits and copycat Crazy Bread
- weed the garden
- read at least 3 books
- spend the day with my BFF who is back from South Korea for a little while
- nap
- visit the craft shop in town and see if they have any lovely new paper to make new bunting
- deep clean kitchen (descale kettle, check cupboards for out of date cans, clean inside drawers, etc)
- wash all the bedding, spare room included

Do you think that's enough?! What do you do on your "staycation"?

Sunday 19 January 2014

Mexican Inspired Turkey Meatballs

Mexican inspired turkey meatballs - these low fat balls are made with coriander,cumin,chilli and onion for a Mexican twist on the classic beef recipe.

Another weekend arrives and I'm ready for another food project...I'm sure most other people who blog about food and their recipes spend a while planning what they're going to cook or blog about but I think my mind works a little differently!

During the week it's all about work - I have to have a good memory and organisational skills for my job so tend to only have that in my head and it seems to leave little space for anything else sometimes!

On Saturday morning I try to wake up as late as possible (around 7am these days...) and then think about what is happening over the weekend and what I want to cook based on what I have a taste or craving for.

Sunday 12 January 2014

Asparagus, Courgette and Smoked Tofu Risotto

Asparagus courgette and smoked tofu risotto is perfect comfort food that is still healthy!

Although the weather and temperatures have been so mild so far and it's not really felt like winter I woke up on Saturday craving some warming comfort food.  My first thought was cheese - gooey and stodgy melted cheese.  My second thought was that after stuffing my face over Christmas I should probably think of an alternative comfort food...

What's thick, creamy and warming but isn't full of fat?  Risotto!

Saturday 11 January 2014

Best of '13

Ok, so I rolled up a little late to this "review the year" party...fashionably late?  2013 was a pretty good year - no dramas or epic events just nice a smooth, just how I like it!  

So here it is - a review of my top 5 cooking adventures from the year!

Sunday 5 January 2014

Word Cloud Art

how to make beautiful word cloud art which is a perfect gift for a loved one

I've admired word clouds for some time now but for some unknown reason I had no clue that there were word cloud generators out there on the internet so image my delight when I came across Tagxedo!  I played around on it for a while turning this little blog, my Twitter account and various other websites and then had a brainwave!

Instead of websites and social media accounts, why not use words that are meaningful to create beautiful personalised art for yourself, as presents or for special occasions - Mother's Day, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries?!

Black Bean Burgers

It's a new year and a lot of people will be starting new diets, detoxing and getting into shape.  Not this girl though!  My resolution this year is to eat more!  When I say more I don't mean volume, I mean cooking new recipes, trying new foods and generally expanding my knowledge about all things edible!

My first new recipe is for a black bean burger - I'm not vegetarian but love the creativity needed to make delicious food without meat.  I have had veggie burgers before but only the sort that you buy in the supermarket which are tasty but wanted to see how easy I've been trying to make sure that the lunches I take to work are super healthy and thought that a home made bean burger would be perfect!

Wednesday 1 January 2014

Christmas(es) Recap

Happy New Year!  I can't believe yet another year is over!  The run up to Christmas was not surprisingly quite busy and hectic but that's what you get for working in retail!  


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