Tuesday 30 July 2013

Lemon & Lime Black Sesame Mini Loaves

A twist on the classic lemon and poppyseed cake - lemon, lime and black sesame seed mini loaves

I got a cute little lemon and poppy seed cake in my recent Graze box and thought "I wonder what this would be like with lemon AND lime" and then took it one step further and wondered what it would be like with my latest favourite ingredient, black sesame seeds.

Well, I've had today off work and the heavens have opened up for most of the day so thought it would be a great day to bake!

Monday 29 July 2013

Bye, Bye, Boring Lunches!

Ok, hands up.  I eat lunch at my desk.  Every day.  There is a canteen at work but I find pretty much everything to be too greasy and/or expensive so as we have a communal fridge I prefer to bring in my own lunch which I'll usually prepare the night before.

The downside to making my own lunch is that I tend to get stuck in a rut and make the same thing day after day which after a while is, quite frankly, dull!  I am picky though - I don't want anything too heavy or else I feel the need for a nap around 3pm and am always conscious that there are people around me and I don't want to stink the office out!

So, what do I eat with all of these requirements?  Here's how I keep my lunches interesting!

Wednesday 24 July 2013


Well helloooooo summer!  With temperatures up in the 80s (that's hot for this country!) it's been hard to feel motivated to do much except sit outside under the umbrella and enjoy our garden so cooking and baking has kind of been neglected.  This time last year we would have been sweltering in our old flat so I'm especially grateful to be able to sit outside.

Saturday 6 July 2013

Spanakopita (Greek Spinach and Kale Pies)

Spanakopita - Greek spinach and kale pies just like Aladdin's bakery!

I think today is perhaps the hottest day of the year so what do I do?  I turn on the oven. I just couldn't help myself though.  I've been thinking about spinach pies for days and just had to make some!

I was introduced to spinach pies back in the mid-90s when I moved to Cleveland and my uncle brought home a bag of pies from Aladdin's Bakery (Cleveland plate above used in their honour!).  These hand sized triangles filled with spinach and feta became one of my favourite foods and I would wolf them down either heated up or cold.  I would regularly dream of sinking my teeth into them again after moving back to England 13 years ago and it didn't even cross my mind to make them myself.  Until now...


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