Wednesday 24 July 2013


Well helloooooo summer!  With temperatures up in the 80s (that's hot for this country!) it's been hard to feel motivated to do much except sit outside under the umbrella and enjoy our garden so cooking and baking has kind of been neglected.  This time last year we would have been sweltering in our old flat so I'm especially grateful to be able to sit outside.
Back in April I couldn't wait to start planting and growing in our garden - nothing complicated just some wildflowers and sweet peas.  Because spring was so chilly it took a while for things to get going but now things are in full swing and make the garden just that little bit more wonderful.

I love the pink and white stripes on these sweet peas!

I made the mistake of not getting poles long enough for the sweet peas to grow tall but kind of like how they're growing into a dense wall.

Although great for growing flowers, the heat is a bit much for our poor feline friends...

...luckily giant rhubarb leaves provide excellent shade!

A little bit of the countryside in my back garden - the bees love it!  I just bought a few packets of what were packaged as "Bee and Butterfly Attracting Wildflowers" with no idea of what was actually going to sprout out of the ground.  What popped out?  Poppies, cornflowers, some other mystery (but beautiful) flowers and best of all, scented night stock.  These are small purple flowers that really steal the show come the evening time - they have such a beautiful aroma that drifts up to the patio.

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