Saturday, 11 August 2012

Glitter "Frosted" Glasses

How to make frosted style glasses by sponging on glitter glass paint

I decided to personalise champagne glasses for my mum's 50th birthday goody bag after realising that buying some online can get pretty pricey.  I've never done anything like this before but was really inspired by some frosted glass I had seen at Something Turquoise

So I ordered some glass paint from eBay, bought some champagne glasses from Tesco and away I went!

I've used Marabu Relief Paste for Glass and Porcelain in "silver glitter" because although it's good for fine lines and outlining, it also says that you can sponge it on which is the effect I wanted.  I had a spare glass so trialled a few ideas...

Sponged over a taped off square with the intention of writing a date in the middle

Sponged over sticker dots for a "fizzy" look

 Alas, the bubble idea failed miserably when the stickers stuck to the glass...

The taped off square was ok except for a couple of messy bits (it was only a practice though!) but I was still to decide on what I wanted to do...

I also spent a day thinking about what I wanted to do because the possibilities were endless!  In the end I opted for a wedge of glass to be painted and the base painted to match and then wrote my mum's birthday on the stem.

I've just used regular masking tape which seems to have worked well and doesn't leave any sticky marks on the glass.

I cut up a washing up sponge to sponge the paint on as all of the craft sponges I saw today were expensive for what they were plus I had a pack of sponges in the cupboard which cost less than £1 - bargain!

After sponging on the first coat, I left the paint to dry for half an hour as directed on the tube.  It's not the kind of paint that needs to be oven cured and it says that it's fine to wash by hand.

Above is after the first coat.  I wanted it to be a bit heavier so added a second coat.

Hard to see but the date of my mum's birthday is on the stem

Finished product! 

Create a frosted effect on glasses using Marabu Relief Paste, a silver glitter glass paint.  A great project for personalised glasses for a wedding, hen or bachelorette party or any special occasion


  1. The last ones are really pretty!

  2. Wow, those turned out beautifully!! Gives me some new ideas for my next set of glasses :)

  3. What did you write the date with? a marker?

    1. Hi Karisma,

      Sorry for the slow reply - I've been in London since the 15th and have had a hard time getting online.

      The glass paint that I used (Marabu Relief Paste for Glass and Porcelain) has a very fine tip on it so used that for the date. I used the silver glitter one so the final result from using the fine tip was a clear but raised effect. It takes a bit of a steady hand and is well worth practicing on paper or something so you know how the tube squeeze/hand movement ratio works out.

      For the frosted part of the glass I squeezed it out onto some foil (disposable!) then put the sponge in it and applied to the glasses.

      Hope this helps!

  4. hi, are you in the uk? If so, where did you get your paints from and do they 'have' to be the martha stewart kind? Thanks for sharing, they look great :)

    1. Hi!

      I am in the UK. I used Marabu Relief Paste for Glass and Porcelain in silver glitter and I ordered it from an online auction site. I wanted to try the Martha Stewart paint but couldn't have had it sent to me in time.

      I found that when I squeezed the Marabu paint out onto some foil and used a sponge to well, sponge it on, it had a very different effect to just squeezing it out of the tube (it comes with a very fine nozzle). The sponging created a frosted effect but using the nozzle (which I did on the stem of the glass) dried clear but with small random silver glittery bits.

      I hope this helps but if not, just ask, ok!


  5. I love the effect of the bottom ones! They almost look like a frosted leaf travelling up the side of the glass. I love it!

  6. Thanks that I found this page now it could be easy for me to make my own frosted glass art because there's a guideline, so many thanks for this page.

  7. hello, I have a question if what kind of spray did you used for this instance.

  8. Hi,

    I used Marabu Relief Paste for Glass and Porcelain in "silver glitter" which I sponged onto the glasses for a frosted look.

  9. Thanks for sharing, these are beautiful! Do you know if they can go in the dishwasher?

    1. The instructions on the tube of paint were to wash gently with warm water and soap so wouldn't want to risk the dishwasher!

  10. I am using the marabu glaspaint that states it doesn't need to dry in the oven but for some reason it is washing off do you know why or have you not experienced this x

    1. How are you washing the glasses? I've washed mine quite a few times and haven't noticed any of the paint coming off. I just gently swish them around some soapy water then rinse thoroughly in warm water.

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