Sunday 22 March 2015

How to start and create a photo a day (PAD) photography project or challenge. Tips, ideas, inspiration and how to prepare.  It's a 365 commitment but the results are worth it!

My resolution last year was to start a "photo a day project".  Nothing fancy, just the goal of taking at least one photo each day.

I have a really awful memory but have found that looking at a single photo can instantly take me back to the moment, probably the entire day, and I can remember the sights, smells, activities of that particular day.  Just from a photo!  Starting a project to capture a single moment from each day made complete sense to me and it seemed like an achievable goal.

I'm now in my 15th month of my photo diary and am really pleased that I did it and proud that I am still doing it and have only missed a few days!

If you're thinking about taking on such a project I hope my tips below will be of some help, inspiration or whatever you need to start your own project.

Friday 6 March 2015

Nonna Floriana's Ragu

Nonna Floriana's Ragu - This recipe for ragu comes all the way from an Italian kitchen in the Emilio-Romagnia region.  Using only a few simple ingredients it is rich, filling and surprisingly easy!

So you've (read: "I") just discovered that you can actually make pasta at home without too much fuss…now you need a sauce that is going to really show off your pasta handiwork.  My sister showed me how to make strozzapreti using a recipe her Italian friend's mum taught her when she visited the Emilio-Romagnia region of Italy.  She insisted that this ragu is the ONLY sauce to have with freshly made pasta.  I'm not a massive fan of tomato based sauces so it took a little coercing but I'm glad my arm was twisted - it's ridiculously tasty and uses only a few simple ingredients!

Sunday 1 March 2015

Photo a Day 2015: February

We're properly into 2015 now that February is over - did you manage to keep up with your resolutions? 

Valentine's Day falls smack bang in the middle of the month and for the second time I took part in the 5th annual Aunt Peaches Valentine Swap.  Getting something in the post that isn't a bill or junk mail is so satisfying - read about it and see what I received here.

We're slowly making our way out of winter although I don't really feel like we had much of a winter here in Berkhamsted.  There were a couple of days when snow fell from the skies, a few more that involved scraping ice from the car but it's been pretty mild.

Aunt Peaches' 5th Annual Valentine Swap

Aunt Peaches hosted her 5th annual Valentine Swap this year - her readers make and send Valentines across the world to each other…these are the ones sent and received!

The internet can be a bit of an impersonal place sometimes what with it being all digital and the only interaction you have is through comments/Twitter/Pinterest.  Then Aunt Peaches and her Valentine Swap comes along…

If you've not already visited her site then please take a look - she loves crafts (especially anything that involves glitter, coffee filters and beads), lives in one of the most colourful, interesting houses I've ever seen and has an absolutely beautiful kitty, Lola.  Do you know when you read a blog and you feel like you're listening to the writer talking to you rather than just reading a post?  Yep, that's Peaches!


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