Sunday 1 March 2015

Photo a Day 2015: February

We're properly into 2015 now that February is over - did you manage to keep up with your resolutions? 

Valentine's Day falls smack bang in the middle of the month and for the second time I took part in the 5th annual Aunt Peaches Valentine Swap.  Getting something in the post that isn't a bill or junk mail is so satisfying - read about it and see what I received here.

We're slowly making our way out of winter although I don't really feel like we had much of a winter here in Berkhamsted.  There were a couple of days when snow fell from the skies, a few more that involved scraping ice from the car but it's been pretty mild.

Winter veg are still readily available but February seems to be the month for kale and purple sprouting broccoli.  Do you have any favourite recipes using these as I'd love to make the most of them before then next round of seasonal veg make their appearance!

Earworm of the month: Having been a fan of Blur for about 20 years (I can remember the very first time I heard "Girls & Boys and was hooked from that point on!) I was pretty excited that they are releasing a new album and naturally, new singles.  I've only heard their first single but…well…I was disappointed so unfortunately it's not been an ear worm!

So with the lack of earworms this month I thought I'd share one of my favourite apps/radio stations…Absolute Radio!  I listen to the breakfast show every morning while getting ready for work and then use the app at work to listen to Absolute 90s which plays all of my favourite songs from many years ago (showing my age…).  They have stations that cover all of the decades from the 60s onwards so if you're a music lover, give it a go!

Film of the month: "In Your Eyes" - is it possible to make a really touching love story where the two main characters are thousands of miles apart and have never even met? Yes!  Rebecca leads an uphappy life on the east coast with a controlling husband, Dylan is an ex-con in New Mexico who is trying to start again after a stint in prison.  They've never met but have a magical psychic connection and can literally see everything through the other ones eyes.  The acting is brilliant, the camera angles and lighting are magical - it's just a brilliant film!

Tv of the month: "Dead Like Me" - whenever I try to describe this series to anyone it sounds quite morbid…the main character, George, is killed in a freak accident involving a toilet seat plummiting to earth from a space station but has her soul "reaped".  She then joins a group of "reapers" who like her, are dead but not quite dead and visible to the living.  They are handed post-it notes from the head of their gang (Mandy Patinkin, aka Inigo Montoya!!!!) which has the name, address and ETD ("estimated time of death") of the soul they need to reap to make sure the person goes to the other side.

It's a little dark, sarcastic and very quirky.  Mr Jones and I binge-watched the second series PLUS the film in one day…

Favourite food of the month: Without a doubt, the ragu that my sister made with me.  I'm not going to give too much away because I will naturally be posting the recipe soon!

Favourite find of the month: Twitter is one of the best ways to find new friends and amazing blogs and my most recent bookmarked blog is Lemon Freckles.  There are beauty tips, the odd recipe and advice all wrapped up in a fun, light and pretty web page!

Best day:  My sis came to visit from Narnia (aka Finland)!

Worst day: No bad days! Yeeeeeeah!

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