Monday 30 June 2014

Photo a Day: June

Bye bye June!  I was expecting to have a month full of sun but summer has yet to properly emerge.  Luckily the sun was shining at full force for Mr Jones' birthday barbecue and later in the month when I headed down to Exeter.

June is the month for all kinds of tasty fruits and veg - strawberries, raspberries and blueberries are at their peak, lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes are ready to make a delicious, light salad.

Exeter Street Food

When normal people go on holiday they plan trips to the seaside, a visit to local historical sites of interest or maybe a spa.  I always look up anything food related in the area.  And maybe a trip to the seaside for a paddle...

I was planning a trip down to Exeter for a few days to visit my granddad so had a bit of a browse online for local happenings and events and the first thing that popped out of the screen at me was, of course, Exeter Street Food.  There are a few stalls at the Berkhamsted markets but nothing devoted entirely to food (hint hint, Berkhamsted!) so was pretty excited to meet some people cooking out in the open.

Sunday 22 June 2014

Mr Jones & the Birthday BBQ

Having worried about whether we would have sun, clouds or rain on Saturday for Mr Jones' birthday BBQ I needn't have been concerned as we woke up on Saturday morning to clear blue skies.  Yay!  Bring on the barbecue!

Thursday 19 June 2014

Berkhamsted, Meet Mario's!

Remember back in April I made a visit to Scoops?  You know, the one where I tried ALL of the gelato?  Mrs Scoops hinted that they would have a bit of a facelift so when I drove past a few weeks ago and saw the windows white-d out so the moment I got home I sent a tweet...

Little did I know at the time that some "TLC" actually meant a complete re-branding!

So without any idea what Scoops would become I wandered down the night before they opened for a sneak peek.

Sunday 15 June 2014

Other Father's Day

This post is about fathers but I'm not going to talk about my own because it's a long story and he's never been part of my life.  Don't get me wrong, I had a great childhood thanks to my mum, the men I mention below and the rest of my family!

I want to talk openly about those men who might get overlooked on Father's Day but totally deserve the acknowledgement!

Sunday 1 June 2014

Photo a Day: May

Google said Happy Birthday!

Can you believe we're halfway through the year already?!

May is one of my favourite months - the April showers tend to have subsided, the flowers are out, the sun is shining and everyone dusts off their BBQs.  Oh, and it's also the month my birthday falls in!


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