Monday 30 June 2014

Photo a Day: June

Bye bye June!  I was expecting to have a month full of sun but summer has yet to properly emerge.  Luckily the sun was shining at full force for Mr Jones' birthday barbecue and later in the month when I headed down to Exeter.

June is the month for all kinds of tasty fruits and veg - strawberries, raspberries and blueberries are at their peak, lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes are ready to make a delicious, light salad.

70 years ago on the 6th June the France saw the D-Day landings in Normandy, we have Trooping the Colour in London for the Queen's official birthday on the second Saturday in June and the summer solstice welcomes summer for us in the northern hemisphere.

Song of the month: "Sunshine on Leith" by The Proclaimers - has this been my song of the month before?  Probably!  Once I hear it, it's earworm alert!  After things wound down from our BBQ we decided to use the projector to watch the film of the same name in the back garden.  I've been humming it ever since!

Film of the month: "Bridesmaids" - I'm not ashamed to admit that it's one of my favourite films and laugh from the bottom of my belly whenever I see it!

Tv of the month: Only "Game of Thrones" season 4!  It's not really TV of the month as we watched the entire 4th series in one day!  

Favourite food of the month: We experimented with exotic meat for Mr Jones' birthday BBQ - llama sausages are better than zebra, kangaroo or camel burgers!

Favourite find of the month: Not really a blog find but I'd have to say Exeter Street Food!  Greeted by many smiling faces and delicious menu choices, it was a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Best day: Two again!  Mr Jones celebrated his birthday by hosting a BBQ.  Besides cutting my finger, it was a great day and lovely to spend time in the sun with our lovely friends.

I got to hang out with Nick Coffer again, this time with 2 other foodies.  We spent 3 hours trying the dishes everyone brought in and can't wait for it to be broadcast (on BBC Three Counties, hopefully on the 6th July) and get the recipes as I discovered a few new favourites!

Worst day: No bad days this month - hurrah!

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