Thursday 19 June 2014

Berkhamsted, Meet Mario's!

Remember back in April I made a visit to Scoops?  You know, the one where I tried ALL of the gelato?  Mrs Scoops hinted that they would have a bit of a facelift so when I drove past a few weeks ago and saw the windows white-d out so the moment I got home I sent a tweet...

Little did I know at the time that some "TLC" actually meant a complete re-branding!

So without any idea what Scoops would become I wandered down the night before they opened for a sneak peek.

When you first walk in the layout is very similar but the bright pink wall has been replaced by shades of mint and mushroom.  Where the tables and chairs once stood are comfy minty coloured booths, chairs in the corner and bright orange bar stools with a perfect view across the High Street.

The wall behind the counter is now tiled with my coveted white "subway tiles" and features cube shelves filled with bottles of marshamallows, teas and glasses plus rails with hooks from which teapots and small buckets for cutlery hang.

The lights are a mish-mosh of shades, bare bulbs and recessed spotlights which work together beautifully and really pull the whole look together.  I can't wait for the winter months as I think it will be such a cosy place to sit at lunchtime when it's a little dull outside with the ceiling lights slightly dimmed and the lamp in the corner glowing.

So now you get a feel of the interior, let's move on to the food because well, let's face it, I am all about the food!

Now fear not, Berkhamsted residents - the name has changed but Scoops is still alive and well!  Mario doesn't spend up to 12 hours a day making gelato for nothing, you know!  The gelato cabinet still sits on the end of the counter and there are still a wide variety of flavours produced in-house.

The espresso machine is hissing away behind the counter as well so you can still get your fill of Americanos, espressos and of course, affogato!

What I want to focus on is my favourite addition to the menu - crepes and galettes.  I was able to have a good look at all of the new things that are on offer and they all sounded amazing!  See at the top of the page? It says "Pt 1"?  That means that there will be a part two after I've tried out the new menu!  I hope that you lovely people will try out the crepes at Mario's but if you don't get a chance, I'll be there soon so will let you know all about how everything tastes!

All day breakfast
- bacon sandwich - £3.95
- full English - £6.95
- toast and butter with jam or marmalade - £1.80

Galettes - from £6
- Little Miss Piggy
- Italian Job
- Veggie Heaven

Crepes - from £3.50
- Cheeky Monkey
- Lemon Classic

Meal Combinations - from £7.50
- Italian
- Be Good to Yourself

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