Friday 28 February 2014

Turkey Meatballs with Green Pepper and Spinach Tomato Sauce

Turkey meatballs with a green pepper and spinach tomato sauce.  A healthier alternative to beef balls

Last weekend I did 2 things I've not done before.  Well, one I have done but AGES ago!

First of all - I *think* about 13 years ago  - I went to a launderette.  Launderettes are brilliant it's just I've always had a washing machine around so never needed to go.  I still have a washing machine but unfortunately it's sprung a leak which we cannot for the life of us figure out where it's coming from except for under the cabinets so instead of risking any stagnant pools of water in a hidden corner of the kitchen I headed down the road to Autocoin and washed a whole load of clothes.

I also tried my hand at menu planning.  Yes, me the one who recently said that I never plan recipes or what I'm eating until the last I planned away and the best part of it was that every meal except tonight's used the food I'd cooked to create a tasty lunch from the leftovers.  Basically, I made food based on what would work well in my daily lunchbox!

So here's one of the results...I apologise now for non FoodGawker worthy photos but to be honest it was so delicious that I didn't have time for food styling and it was dark outside by the time I finished cooking to take decent photos!

Saturday 15 February 2014

Wardrobe Management

Girls, boys, I am no fashionita.  I'm not even going to pretend to be someone who has a seasonal wardrobe.  If the dress I like has no sleeves I will wear it with a cardigan in the summer and when it is chilly I will wear it with a long sleeved shirt underneath and a cardigan on top.

In our bedroom we have a massive set of ceiling to floor wardrobes.  When Mr Jones and I moved into this house we agreed that the wardrobe on the right would be for my clothes and the one on the left would be for his clothes.   This was entirely based on me being 5' 3" - I can't reach the top rail properly so the wardrobe I use has just one rail where his has two so when I put laundry away I have to really, really stretch to hang stuff up! how do I sort my non-Vogue wardrobe...?


Sunday 9 February 2014

Banana and Nut Biscotti

Don't throw out overripe bananas!  Use them for this banana and nut biscotti recipe!

Overripe bananas?  Step away from the banana bread recipe! You can do better than that!

I found myself with 4 soft bananas this weekend - my intention was to eat them for breakfast with the yogurt I normally have when I get into work but after feeling too full after the yogurt all 4 bananas that I bought last weekend were sitting uneaten on the counter begging to be made into something delicious before they passed the point of banana no return.  My first thought was banana bread but that's the easy way out and that's just not a challenge!  I had a wander through Google, searched across Foodgawker and finally something popped up.  Biscotti.

Saturday 1 February 2014

Photo a Day: January

Oh January....the month that has what is apparently the saddest day of the year (Blue Monday), it's National Blood Donor Month (give blood, folks - it's easy, mostly painless and helps loads of people!) and Elvis Presley's birthday!

For me January was not bad at all!  How was yours?  Any resolutions?

I didn't really make much of an effort with resolutions this year but decided that in a world where everyone vows to eat less for their resolutions I want to eat MORE!  No, not quantity but I always want to try more new foods, more new recipes and more challenges with my cooking.  

My second resolution is probably the best and most important one for me..."photo a day".


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