Saturday 1 February 2014

Photo a Day: January

Oh January....the month that has what is apparently the saddest day of the year (Blue Monday), it's National Blood Donor Month (give blood, folks - it's easy, mostly painless and helps loads of people!) and Elvis Presley's birthday!

For me January was not bad at all!  How was yours?  Any resolutions?

I didn't really make much of an effort with resolutions this year but decided that in a world where everyone vows to eat less for their resolutions I want to eat MORE!  No, not quantity but I always want to try more new foods, more new recipes and more challenges with my cooking.  

My second resolution is probably the best and most important one for me..."photo a day".

After seeing the photo projects that Chez Larsson did (sadly she's no longer blogging but still has many, many wonderful posts) I decided that this was something that I wanted to do. I chose this for a couple of reasons - I have a hopeless memory but memories are often triggered by photos. I can look at an old photo and a flood of smells, emotions, sounds can all come back to me immediately.  I also wanted to use the technology we have these days not to improve my photography but to capture daily things that happen that I like.  My "PAD" is more of a personal photo diary more than anything else so don't expect any amazing photography, just what is happening in my day to day life!

So this is my month…

Song of the month: Elbow - One Day Like This

Film of the month: How I Live Now

Tv of the month: RuPaul's Drag Race

Favourite food of the month: Potato Smiles

Best day: Beautiful orchid delivered (that's that picture at the top of the post!) - I picked it up from reception and all the girls there were jealous.  I've got a good man in Mr Jones for buying me something so lovely.  If you are an orchid grower I would appreciate any advice so I can keep it going!

Worst day: Sort of a best/worst day - visiting the IBD nurse to talk about the next medication to try for my Crohn's (Humira). Scary, emotional, intense but hopefully the way forward for medication after I had a bad reaction to Azathioprine!


  1. I like the idea of a photo a day to organize my month of events. I don't take enough pictures and always regret when I miss those important moments.
    The orchid is beautiful, sorry I have no hints for helping with its care or survival - no green thumb here.

  2. Hey! I use an app on my phone for my Photo a Day - "Collect". It's really easy to take a photo with your phone and add it to the calendar. You are also able to set up a daily reminder to take a photo and can upload the photo album as I did in this blog post.



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