Saturday 15 February 2014

Wardrobe Management

Girls, boys, I am no fashionita.  I'm not even going to pretend to be someone who has a seasonal wardrobe.  If the dress I like has no sleeves I will wear it with a cardigan in the summer and when it is chilly I will wear it with a long sleeved shirt underneath and a cardigan on top.

In our bedroom we have a massive set of ceiling to floor wardrobes.  When Mr Jones and I moved into this house we agreed that the wardrobe on the right would be for my clothes and the one on the left would be for his clothes.   This was entirely based on me being 5' 3" - I can't reach the top rail properly so the wardrobe I use has just one rail where his has two so when I put laundry away I have to really, really stretch to hang stuff up! how do I sort my non-Vogue wardrobe...?


Whenever something gets washed I hang it on the left side of the wardrobe.  

Once this happens for a few washing/wearing cycles the clothes you wear regularly are on the left side of your wardrobe and the things you wear less frequently are on the right side.  When it comes time to clear out clothes you don't want any more, look to the right of your closet and donate those useless shirts, skirts and dresses (or eBay them!)!

Or course there are exceptions - the deepest darkest far right of my wardrobe is for fancy occasion dresses and necklaces.  Yes, necklaces!  That's my second wardrobe tip is that if you have long necklaces you can hang them from coat hangers to stop them getting tangled and if you're REALLY organised you could even hang a fancy necklace with the outift you wear it with!

What are your top organising tips?  How do you clear out old clothes?

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