Sunday 12 June 2016

Photo a Day 2016: May

May is always a pretty good month for me, mostly because it's the month I add another year to my age and usually get to celebrate being "birthday princess" with all sorts of fun things and treats.   This May saw us taking a river boat ride to Kingston, a trip to the aquarium followed by our first ever theatre show ("Woman in Black", highly recommended!) plus a foodies festival just around the corner.

Saturday 4 June 2016

Magic Baking Tin Review

The Magic Baking Tin - imagine being able to bake multiple shapes with only one tin...It comes with 21 pieces which can be linked together with 12 connecting pins enabling you to mould your cakes, cheese cakes, breads and pies into over 100 different shapes

The trend for baking has really taken off since The Great British Bake Off hit our screens in 2010, with over 2 million people tuning in for the initial showstopper challenges and a whopping 12 million people waiting to see Nadiya crowned the latest queen of baking last year.  It's no surprise that baking equipment has also seen a growth in popularity with retailers seeing sales in cake tins, cookie cutters and other tools double, triple, quadruple...

This is all great news for budding bakers and kitchen connoisseurs alike but with all of these nifty things available but you might start to find your cupboards become a bit jam-packed with different shapes and sizes of cake and bread tins.  What if you could find one tin that could magically transform from one shape to another so you didn't have to have one mould for every occasion?  Let me introduce you to the Magic Baking Tin!


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