Sunday, 12 June 2016

Photo a Day 2016: May

May is always a pretty good month for me, mostly because it's the month I add another year to my age and usually get to celebrate being "birthday princess" with all sorts of fun things and treats.   This May saw us taking a river boat ride to Kingston, a trip to the aquarium followed by our first ever theatre show ("Woman in Black", highly recommended!) plus a foodies festival just around the corner.

Tv of the month: I'm still working my way through Pretty Little Liars...  

Film of the month: Never mind film of the month, "Zootopia" was quite possibly my favourite film so far this year!  Yes it's an animation but there are so many clever "blink and you'll miss them" moments, great characters and jokes for little and big kids alike!

Book of the month:   "America the Edible" by Adam Richman of "Man vs Food" fame.  This book takes you to some of his favourite foodie cities and talks through his travels there, off the beaten track places to eat and some of the people he met along the way.  I was delighted to read about his time in Cleveland as I've either been to or recognise most of the places