Sunday 26 August 2012

Hard-Boiled Egg Salad

Eggs are SO versatile it's ridiculous.  Boiled, baked, fried, scrambled, poached...My favourite way to eat eggs though is in a delicious egg salad sandwich.  I think everyone has their favourite way to make an egg sandwich using various ingredients and seasonings but I like to keep it simple and here's how I do it...
Put as many eggs as you need in a pan and cover with cold water then put a lid on the pan and bring the water to a boil.

Once the water starts to boil, turn off the heat and let the egg(s) sit in the water, lid still on, for 10-13 minutes depending on how soft you want the yolk.  Run cold water into the pan to slowly bring the water temperature down and keep the water running until it's cold.  Leave the eggs to sit in the cold water until they no longer feel warm.

When it comes to peeling the shell off, I just tap it gently with a teaspoon, roll carefully between my hands then peel.  This Tim Ferriss guy shows us how to use baking soda to make eggs easy to peel but I've not tried that way yet.  Bridget Jones' mum also demonstrates an easy way to peel eggs.

Now the slicing.  I slice the egg in half, slice it down the length then slice across.

Some people prefer salad cream, some prefer mayonnaise.  I'm a mayo lover so start with about a teaspoon of mayo per egg and mix.  You may need to add more mayonnaise depending on how you like your egg salad consistency but make sure you add it little by little.

As I said previously, I like to keep my egg salad simple but this time I'm adding some finely sliced spring onions for a hint of onion.  I've also used diced shallot (a much stronger flavour than spring onion) and ground black pepper.

Easy hard boiled egg salad recipe

Some handy egg tips and facts:
  • White eggs are laid by white eggs, brown eggs are laid by brown eggs (apparently!)
  • To check the freshness of an egg, drop it into a tall glass of cool, salted water.  If it's good to eat it will sink.
  • If your eggs are stuck to the carton, wet the carton and they will come out easily
  • The average hen lays between 250 and 270 eggs a year
  • In 2011, the UK consumed 11,512 MILLION eggs!

Medium or large eggs
Mayonnaise or salad cream
Chives or spring onion

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