Saturday 11 August 2012

50th Preparations...

So it's my mum's 50th birthday on Thursday and I'm meeting up with her and my sister in London on Wednesday and we'll be staying until Sunday morning.  We have LOTS planned!

 I wanted to get my mum something special for her birthday but didn't want to necessarily buy something that might just sit on a shelf or in a drawer so decided that treating her to afternoon tea would be a nice present!  I spent AGES trawling the internet for places to go and narrowed it down to about 10.  Top of the list was the "Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" themed afternoon tea at the Royal Garden Hotel but alas, they are closed for renovation.  Instead, I've booked us in at the Chesterfield, Mayfair which looks pretty amazing - like sitting in a garden!

 I also thought that as we'll be having a "girly" night in the hotel with takeaway, girly films, face packs, etc that it'd be fun to make a goody bag!  It's been pretty fun coming up with ideas for things to put in the bag and I've even got a little crafty which has been excellent fun!  First up was making the bags themselves which wasn't particularly difficult but I kept them simple and think they look great!  I also wanted to get personalised champagne glasses with the date on or something but everywhere was so expensive.  Instead, I've personalised them myself which I think is a much better gift.  I'll be teaming the glasses with mini champagne bottles.  I'm really looking forward to my mum's and sister's reaction to the grown up goody bags!

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