Sunday 26 January 2014


I am now officially on holiday for a week!  Woo hoo!  It's definitely needed after the busy Christmas period at work. While I would like to spend the week napping and watching the Food Network I think that I should probably get all the little jobs I've been putting off done plus throw in some fun things too...

To Do
- put away Christmas decorations that have been sitting on the spare bedroom floor for way too long
- mop all the floors
- bake English muffins, bagels, fluffy American biscuits and copycat Crazy Bread
- weed the garden
- read at least 3 books
- spend the day with my BFF who is back from South Korea for a little while
- nap
- visit the craft shop in town and see if they have any lovely new paper to make new bunting
- deep clean kitchen (descale kettle, check cupboards for out of date cans, clean inside drawers, etc)
- wash all the bedding, spare room included

Do you think that's enough?! What do you do on your "staycation"?

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