Saturday 11 January 2014

Best of '13

Ok, so I rolled up a little late to this "review the year" party...fashionably late?  2013 was a pretty good year - no dramas or epic events just nice a smooth, just how I like it!  

So here it is - a review of my top 5 cooking adventures from the year!

Who'd have thought that something so simple, easy and a byproduct of another recipe would be the most popular post EVER?!  

Well this is a no-brainer.  Who doesn't love a fresh bagel?!

3. Spanakopita

Stepping out of my Asian food safety bubble, I attempted to re-create one of my favourites foods from Cleveland (and succeeded!)

4. Shooter's Sandwich

Like a hearty sandwich?  Like beef?  Eat this now!!!

5. Lemon & Lime Mini Loaves

One of my better experiments after eating the most delicious lemon and poppyseed cake - I was going through a bit of an "I love lime" phase!

Here's to a happy and healthy food filled 2014!

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