Sunday 28 April 2013

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Fun and easy to make paper pom poms are great for birthdays, BBQs, any celebration!

As mentioned in my last post, it's my "Cinco de Mayo" birthday next weekend...the mini bunting is ready but today was all about tissue paper pom poms to hang around the garden!
While thinking about what colours to use to keep the "fiesta" feeling, I found a picture that pretty much hit the nail on the head...

What you'll need:

- A4 sized tissue paper in whatever colours you like, 
- String or ribbon
- Scissors

Lay the layers of tissue paper in the order you want - I used 12 sheets in total.  At this point it doesn't matter too much if the sheets are a little creased as they're going to get folded anyway!

Accordion fold the paper so the folds are about and inch and a half wide.

Fold the folded paper in the middle.

Cut the end of the paper.  I went for a rounded end which makes a more petal like pom pom but it also looks really good it you cut out triangle wedges or points for a more spiky pom pom!

Tie your string or ribbon around the middle of the paper.

Start to fluff out the pom pom.  Start in the middle - I found it a lot easier to unfold a few sheets at a time to get them in position then unfold single sheets.  You need to be quite careful because the tissue paper can rip quite easily BUT it's not the end of the world if it does tear a little!

Once you've unfolded all of the sheets, you'll need to go round the pom pom and fluff it a little in places to make sure it's a good shape.

Paper pom poms - use folded tissue paper to create these fun decorations which will brighten up any celebration!

Now repeat until you have a mountain of pom pom!  I also made smaller ones - follow the same instructions but use A5 sized paper and use 6 sheets.

Paper pom poms - use folded tissue paper to create these fun party decorations.  I created these for my Cinco de Mayo birthday BBQ


  1. I'm in love with your photos! I think craftgawker is totally whacked out.

  2. Thanks! And double thanks for the craftgawker comment!



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