Sunday 12 May 2013

Vegetable and Ham Egg Fried Rice

A grat recipe for using up leftovers to create a quick and delicious meal - vegetable and ham egg fried rice

After a big birthday celebration and a long week at work I need to eat something full of vegetables, light but filling so tonight's dinner is fried rice with veggies and ham.

I say it's veggies and ham but to be honest with you, once you've made the egg fried rice base you can add pretty much whatever you want so it's a great way to make either a quick and easy snack, a store cupboard/leftovers main dish or a hangover breakfast.
The first thing I need to say is that you need rice that is about a day old (hence being good for a leftovers meal!) or the rice that you can buy in a packet that you can put in the microwave.  The reason being that if you use fresh rice it will be too wet (even if drained thoroughly) and the whole thing will just turn into a stodgy mush.

Me being the prepper I am I got all of my vegetables ready...

Baby corn, snap peas, bok choy (stems chopped separately), chives, finely sliced carrot, courgette (zucchini to my American friends!) and shiitake mushrooms - lots of those because I love the things!

The first step is to heat the pan with a little oil - I like to use olive oil when cooking but any vegetable oil will be fine.  Heat the oil to a medium temperature to begin with.

Break the eggs into the pan and wait until they start to turn white.  Once the eggs start to turn white around the edges, start stirring.  You want to get the egg so it is almost scrambled but a bit runny still and then add the rice.  Keep stirring so that the egg gets cook through and coats some of the rice.  If there are any big chunks of egg, break them apart.

I use fish sauce for my fried rice instead of soy sauce because it has no colour but you still get the salty tang.  If you don't have fish sauce, it's fine to use any soy sauce you have but the result will be a bit darker. Add the sesame oil and mirin and mix the rice and egg mix to make sure it's coated with the liquid ingredients.

Add your veggies in order of what needs to be cooked for longer - I put the baby corn in first followed by the snap peas, carrot, bok choy stems, courgette then the bok choy leaves.  This is all entirely up to what veggies you use and how you like them cooked.  Keep stirring so that the egg doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan.

When the veggies are almost cooked I add the ham - I bought some from the supermarket that was already shredded but you can used sliced ham, leftover ham, bacon...

Ham and vegetable egg fried rice - great for using leftover veggies and rice

Check before serving that it's to your taste - I like mine to be quite salty so usually add a little more fish sauce.

250g day old rice
2 medium eggs
1 tablespoon fish sauce
1/2 tablespoon mirin
1/2 tablespoon sesame oil
A handful of finely diced or pulled ham
Vegetables of your choice.  I used:
   1/2 courgette, diced
   3 shiitake mushrooms
   5 bok choy leaves
   3 ears of baby corn
   4 snap peas
   8 chives

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