Thursday 22 August 2013

Pesto with a Twist

Mr Jones is out playing football so it's a "girl dinner" for me tonight. Something quick and easy but tasty...hmm...I know! Pesto!

Don't expect any amazing photographs this time - I used my phone and the photos look pretty rubbish!

So I made some pasta, stirred in some (shop bought) pesto sauce but felt it was missing something...out comes the seaweed!  I've raved about it before and really can't get enough of it so soaked a little wakame and mixed it with the pasta and pesto and do you know what?  It works!

I then thought that if I'm mixing things up a bit I might as well just go crazy so added some black fungus and again, it works!  You get the softness from the pasta, a little bite from the seaweed and then a bit of extra bite from the black fungus.  I might also add that by adding these two simple ingredients my dinner now has more magnesium, iodine, calcium, iron and many vitamins!

I guess this cancels out the Parmesan Rustic Wheel I also added to my dinner. It's all you can want from a garlic bread - crispy on the outside, a little chewy in the middle and very garlicky with a bit if Parmesan.  It's the best garlic bread I've found and can be frozen so although I could easily eat the entire thing I did section it and freeze what I didn't have this evening.

P.s. Waitrose didn't ask me to tell you how great their garlic bread is but it is so try it!

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