Saturday 19 October 2013

Kitchen Wish List

So the "C" word is looming ("Christmas", not the other one!) and I always get asked for present ideas but struggle because I can't remember any of the nifty things I've seen through the year.

 NOT THIS YEAR!  No.  I'm going to be organised and make a list!  Ok, so I don't really need anything but presents are nice so if I had infinite amounts of money, here's what would be in my kitchen...

Santoku knife - I have 2 knives and both are so blunt that I can run over my fingers and not cut myself. You can imagine what trying to cut actual food is like!
- Lakeland, £23.99

Bento box - I pretty much always take my lunch into work rather than buy it from the canteen and often it's something Asian so really want a bento box to pack it in!
Mon Bento,€28.90
- Sous Chef, £24.00

Cute bowls - I have a few lovely little bowls that have so many different uses...for small snacks, ice cream, dipping sauces...but you can never have too many pretty bowls, right?!
- Stockmann Kulinara Series bowls, €16.80
- Target Threshold Roped Vasaiod dip bowls, $14.99 for 8 (I think my mum already got these for me!)
Anthropologie Farmer's Market Basket, £10.00

Trays - after I saw Chez Larsson using a pretty tray behind her stove I've been on the mission to find a lovely tray of my own!  We don't have a dining table so eat off our knees so could just use the tray I have or a plain one but nothing wrong with jazzing up informal dining a little!
- Ikea Barbar Tray, £5.50
John Lewis Marimekko Pieni Unikko Tray, £44.50
- Wilkinsons Sustain Sandwich Tray, £2.00
- Huset Anna Viktorsson City of Stockholm Tray, $43.00

Tea towels - I don't know how it started but it's kind of become a tradition between me, my mum and sister to buy each other tea towels for Christmas.  Sounds a bit like the kitchen version of buying someone sock, right?  Wrong!  I've got some pretty nifty tea towels and they brighten up a bit of a mundane job!
Finnish Design Shop Orange Kalenteri, €16.50
- Heals Marimekko Kippis Cheers Set of Tea Towels, £30.00
To Dry For Fish & Chips, £10

Corn on the cob holders - Why is it so hard to find corn on the cob holders that aren't yellow plastic?!  I want something fun but it seems near impossible unless you want something that looks like a mini cob or a plastic knob.

What's on your kitchen wish list?

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