Saturday 12 July 2014

REunion & Gillyflower

I'd been chatting to REunion and Gillyflower online for a little while so was delighted to end my week off work with a visit to REunion's open house last Friday.

I wandered down Church Street and could see the tables and chairs set outside the shop.  I could hear laughter before I even got close so knew I was in for a good evening!

To me it's not weird for a shop to have a "gathering" outside their shop and I think it's a great way to meet this an American thing?  Do other places in the UK do this?
I introduced myself, grabbed a glass of wine and had a nosey around...

There are so many things to look at when you walk into the shop that you need to just pause and take it all in!

Julie and Annie had been trading separately as antique/vintage dealers but have brought their talents together to create a shop that feels like stepping into your dream living room - there's artwork on the walls, lamps dotted about, mirrors, lights...

Every flat surface was graced with Gillyflower bouquets which were just beautiful.  Bettina and Trevor grow everything locally so you know that when you take home a floral masterpiece, it's not been shipped in from miles away!  By the way, they are utterly charming people so if you see them, say hello because I can guarantee you will love them!

Social media is brilliant because we had sent a few messages back and forth - it was so good to meet the lovely ladies in person!

Another person I've been tweeting with was also there - Helen Reeley!  She's one of the local plant queens and has so much knowledge about all things plants AND teaches about how to grow so get in touch if you're local and have an urge to grow things!

Back to the shop!  The best way I can describe REunion is that it's like visiting a really comfy living room, seeing things you want to take home and actually being able to!   The room at the back was cozy and full of things to look at.  I took the opportunity to sit in one of the comfiest seats ever to spend about 20 minutes just looking at everything in the room!

If you're having a wander around Berkhamsted,  please take a couple of minutes to wander off the high street to visit these lovely ladies and their lovely shop!

22 Castle Street

Helen Reeley
Twitter (look out for classes!)

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