Thursday 1 January 2015

Photo a Day: December

Happy new year!  I can't believe that I've completed my "photo a day" challenge (only missing 5 days out of the entire year!).  I have a pretty poor memory so having a photo for each day of the year is a great way for me to look back at what I've been up to.  I'm definitely keeping this resolution up for 2015!

Earworm of the month: I'm not happy about it as I don't like the song OR the film - "Let it Go".  You can't choose your ear worms but come on brain - can you do a bit better?!

Film of the month: "Pride" - not only my favourite film of the month but probably for the whole year!

Tv of the month: Gogglebox - yes, it's a little weird watching people watching tv but it's so funny and the characters are brilliant!

Favourite food of the month: After two failed attempts at getting afternoon tea with my mum we decided to just make our own…scones with clotted cream and jam (cream first, then jam!), mini sammies, shortbread and of course, tea.  It was so much fun and worked out cheaper!

Favourite find of the month: Podcasts!  No, they're not entirely new to me as Mr Jones plays them all the time but I've kind of discovered them for myself.  I'm slowly building up my collection so suggestions for good ones are more than welcome!

Best day: So many good days this month - Christmas, Boxing Day, mum coming to visit…

Worst day: Driving back from Liverpool.  Driving at 25mph on the motorway because it was snowing hard enough for me to not be able to see the road very well is not my idea of fun!  I normally love snow but can't appreciate it when trying to focus on where the lane starts and ends.


  1. I'd love to do something like this but I know i'd never manage every day. I have no idea how some people manage to do it every day for a year!

    Corinne x

    1. It's easier than you think, especially if you have the app and a smartphone. Some days it might just be a picture of what I have for dinner, some days a picture of what the weather's's also surprising how easy it is to remember what happened that day when you look back at each picture!



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