Sunday 1 February 2015

Photo a Day 2015: January

Slipper boot cladded feet up in front of the telly watching the New Year fireworks and here were are…

…January - a new year, a fresh page, a clean start, etc, etc.  There will be people around the world who set goals for themselves starting on the very first day of the year.  I'm not one of those people I'm afraid.  I want to have acheivable goals so I won't feel like a failure if I don't stick to them 100% and may decide halfway through the year that I want to set myself a new goal.  And that's ok, don't you think?

Last year my only resolution was to start a "photo a day" challenge and pretty much kept to my resolution.  I loved it so much that (you probably guessed if you're reading this) I decided to carry it on for another year.

My other resolutions I wanted to think about a little more and yes, I could have thought about them pre-New Year but…well…I didn't.

So here are my resolutions for 2015…

- improve my photography. My new macros lens has already helped with this even thought I am still learning about it.  I need to learn what my personal "style" is, how to improve lighting and styling and generally just make my camera work!

- exercise more.  This is a common one for resolutions.  I am not all of a sudden going to be able to do the Insanity workouts my friends do, I won't be magically be able to go for a 1, 2, 3, mile run and I'm not flexible enough to do any spectacular yoga positions from day 1.  I will take things slowly and try to increase on what I do because whatever I do is better than anything I did in 2014 (ie sit on the sofa a lot).

- more blogging.  I use my blog as my personal cook book and diary and am always referring back to posts when I can't remember how I made something (which was the main reason I started it!).  This year I want to write more, take more photos, try out some new products and make more food but make sure that what I post is delicious, not ridiculously hard to make (but do want to push myself a little perhaps with new techniques or cooking skills) and something I can look back on with pride.

Earworm of the month: "Hope You Got What You Came For" - Olly Murs.  I really like his voice but haven't really listened to his songs until I was taking a trip with the girls form work to the supermarket at lunchtime - I heard this playing and loved it.

Film of the month: "Gone Girl" - I knew very little about this film when I started watching it.  I had no idea it was based on a book. I had no idea how weird, twisted and gripping it would be.  I spent a few days after watching it just thinking about it beacuse, without giving anything away, just that crazy to see how conniving someone could be!

Tv of the month: "Broadchurch" is back!  Did you watch the first series?  The second series hasn't even finished yet but still counts for my favourite TV series (closely followed by "Elementary").  We watch a lot of box sets on Netflix so if we want to watch episode after episode we can.  Having to wait a whole week between episodes was difficult for me the first time it was aired and is still difficult for the second series but having something to look forward to on a Monday is always a good thing, right?!

Favourite food of the month: More sushi from Zero here in Berkhamsted.  This time I had wasabi salmon sushi and duck gyoza, both as delicious as ever!

Favourite find of the month: Y'know when you find a new blog and can't help but read EVERYTHING?  I somehow came across "My Name is Yeh" and did just this.  Not only fantastic photos but a really interesting story of about her move from NY to North Dakota.

Best day: Anniversary!  7 years since our first date (lunchtime in Starbucks) and I still quite like the guy.  Well, no…I really, really love him actually and am looking forward to many more anniversaries!

Worst day: No bad days at all!

I'd love to hear about any resolutions you have or even better, if you've dedicated a post to them, be sure to send me your link!

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  1. Exercise more is SO one of mine too, and looking forward to more blogs from you!!
    Cate (off of Cate in the Kitchen) xx



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