Saturday 6 June 2015

Photo a Day 2015 - April

Wow…how late am I posting this?!  Not only has April been and gone but so has May!!!

April is one of my favourite months - the sun is out (but not too hot!), flowers are out and I can finally stop wearing wooly tights every day!

We get Easter (did you see that epic egg at Marks & Spencer?!), the London and Boston marathons and  the favourite of every American - tax day!

April has been a bit exciting for me for a few reasons...both kind of linked though's the month before my birthday which is always nice but this year we're going to Iceland so we've been planning and booking things - it's our first real trip away together (even though we've been together for over 7 years) that doesn't include going to weddings or family for Christmas so it's going to be super special!

Earworm of the month: It's been a bit of a Pulp month for me and have especially enjoyed re-listening to some of their older songs, "Inside Susan" being one of my favourites.

Tv of the month: "Couples Come Dine with Me" - an utter guilty pleasure!  I've always been a fan of Come Dine with Me but there's something about having couples in the kitchen that make it a little more fun.  Could I do that with Mr Jones?  Not a chance!

Favourite food of the month:  Are ice lollies a food?!  Even if they aren't, the coconut water and lime /coconut, mandarin and yuzu lollies I found at Waitrose are so tart and refreshing - perfect for warmer weather!

Best day: A double this time - since having about a million blood tests regularly since I was diagnosed with Crohn's a couple of years ago (it's a truly massive list of things that are checked out!) my liver function tests have always been higher than they should be.  Stable but still high.  I had a liver biopsy to literally delve deeper into what might cause the elevated test levels and it only came back with a slightly fatty liver which according to my doctor, most people would have the same results if they also had a biopsy.

So then I was referred to the MRI machine to do a proper check on my liver and bile ducts.  After spending 2 weeks with the possible results going through my mind pretty much all of my waking hours, my IBD nurse said that the notes on the system said "normal".  I have never been happier to be normal for a long time!

The second good thing this month, which is also Crohn's related, is that I've been funded for another year of Humira.  I tried another type of medication when I was first diagnosed with Crohn's and I had a bad reaction to it (possible pancreatitis) so without the repeat funding I was concerned that my only option might be a medication that is pretty harsh and not something I'd take without serious consideration.

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