Thursday 2 July 2015

Photo a Day 2015: June

June is when you'd expect the sun to be shining, the world to be BBQ-ing and summer to be in full swing.  Not this June!

It's not been properly warm until the end of the month and then summer hit us with a big sweaty bang!  I've spent the last few days near the south coast and there has been a nice cool breeze to compliment the sun but Mr Jones has reported that it's ridiculously hot back at home.  Time to buy an air conditioner before the entire country runs out?  

Earworm of the month: "I Can Change" by Brandon Flowers.  I've liked quite a lot of songs by this guy but when I heard this on the radio one morning when I was getting ready for work I actually sat down to listen to it properly.  It's beautiful.

Film of the month: "The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet" - if you "Amelie", you are sure to like this!

Tv of the month: "Orange is the New Black" is baaaaaack!  The best part about the series being back is that Netflix had not one, not two but ALL of the episodes!!!!  I love a good binge-watch and that's exactly what I did!

Favourite food of the month: Steak!  For Mr Jones' birthday I went to a butchers very close to work and bought a maaaaaassive piece of rump steak.  It was bigger than my head.  It was juicy, delicious and everything you want from a steak.  Nevermind supermarket stuff - buy your steaks from a butcher!

Best day: Paddling in the sea at Sidmouth!  My mum comes to visit around this time of year and we always go down to the South to visit my grandad and step-grandma.  Part of the trip HAS to involve a trip to Sidmouth as it's one of my favourite seaside places.  I hoped to go seaweed hunting but alas, the tide was too high.  I did manage to find a fairly massive piece but as it had been sitting on the beach for a while (next to a jellyfish!) I didn't take it home with me.

Worst day: The sun towards the end of the month…I'm dreading the beginning of July because it's supposed to be even hotter!

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