Saturday 5 December 2015

Photo a Day 2015: November

First frost of 2015

November is done!  Can you believe it?!  It's not felt like Novemeber (or even winter) at all here in London - yes, it's been windy as hell over the last few days and there was that one day we had to scrape ice from the car (using things not usually used for scraping ice like a chopping board because I somehow lost the ice scraper..) but generally it's been really mild and have only been able to wear my Paddington-esque red duffle coat a few times so far,

I also can't believe that I've been doing this "photo a day" project for nearly 2 full years!  I'm pleased that I've kept up with it as it's a great way to catalogue memories…

So!  November!  We had a "welcome to our new home" event at work after we re-located to the new (and lovely) head office…ALL the wine!

Dixons Carphone

This year had to be the nosiest ever bonfire night with fireworks going off from all directions for about two weeks…I joined in by waving a sparkler around…yes, I have a pack of mini sparklers in my kitchen drawer.  You never know when you might need one…

Mini sparkler in the back garden for Guy Fawkes' night

Tv of the month: Peep Show, definitely.  It's already one of my favourite comedies so when I found out they were carrying on with it (I though they were canning it…) I was most delighted!

Film of the month: Inside Out - I'd seen clips, I'd heard rave reviews but to be honest I wasn't that convinced…until I was about 3 minutes into the film.  Imagine every emotion has a characted and they all live in your head.   If you haven't seen it already, what are you waiting for?!

Earworm of the month: "Adventure of a Lifetime" by Coldplay - I love a bit of Coldplay so was really pleased to hear their new single from their latest album, "A Head Full of Dreams".  The song is has a great upbeat tempo, a catchy tune and don't get me started on the video!

Favourite food of the month: Ginger chicken cake that was doing the rounds at the No.1 Duke St launch party I was lucky enough to be invited to…more on that soon!

Best day: Best day had to be the launch party mentioned above!  The place was packed, the music was brilliant, the food was delicious, cocktails and prosecco were flwoing freely and I got to meet quite a few local people!

I use Collect to gather and sort out all of my "photo a day" pictures but do tend to also upload them to Instagram…want to see each picture from the last month?  Let's be friends!


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