Saturday 6 February 2016

Photo a Day 2016: January

Ok, so January has somehow felt like the longest month ever but then "surprise!" - it's over!

It's really not felt like winter at all...I've not had to wear my big red Paddington Bear duffle coat more than a handful of times but it has been a bit chilly in the mornings.  I found a wonderful grey knitted "duffle-cardi" in a charity shop so that's kept the chill off when I drive to work.

I set myself a few "promises" for the new year and might have not got off to a flying start...ok, so I'm now on my 4th book towards my reading challenge and kept up with my 3rd year of "photo a day" but I've been nowhere near the gym and have cooked virtually nothing...I'll consider this as a virtual kick up the bum to get going!

Tv of the month: "Luther" - nothing brand new but something we started watching and sort of just stopped watching so thought it was time to start watching it again.  I do love a good crime thriller and I seem to spend most of the time spent watching this series on the edge of my seat!

Film of the month:  It was a bit of a silly one but was packed with stars - "Mortdecai"

Book of the month:  To tie in with my "read 52 in 52" challenge, I'm including my favourite book of the month to my monthly round up...

I've read (and loved) Neil Gaiman books before but for whatever reason I didn't think I'd like "American Gods".  What an idiot!  It was brilliant and could barely put it down!

Ear worm of the month:  "3 Miles High" - Travis.  A bit of a blast from the past!  I remember a few of their singles being released when I first moved back to England but had completely forgotten about the band until their latest single wafter through my speakers on the way home.

Favourite food of the month: I'm cheating because it's not food, it's drink...I am a massive cider fan and was delighted when I found passionfruit and apple cider from Old Mout on the shelf of my local supermarket.

Best day:  Anniversary day!  We celebrated 8 years being together by going to Blue's Smokehouse and stuffing ourselves silly...

I use Collect to gather and sort out all of my "photo a day" pictures but do tend to also upload them to Instagram…want to see each picture from the last month?  Let's be friends!


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