Saturday 5 November 2016

Photo a Day 2016: October

I've hit the time of year where everything I do and think about is work related as I work in the glorious world of retail.  We've now hit "peak" so the whole team have been furiously planning for the most epic time of the retail year.  The plans are now being put into action to make sure our wonderful customers have some fantastic products to choose from and will hopefully be impressed with some of the great deals that will be happening!

So yeah...blogging (and most other things) have been put on the back burner for the moment but have still been having a *bit* of fun - here's what I was up to in October...

Tv of the month:  Busy weeks = lazy weekends on the sofa with Mr Jones.  Soon many good box sets have been watched this month including Hannibal (gory) and Married at First Sight (my guilty pleasure at the moment, don't tell anyone!) but the absolute best thing I've watched this month was Black Mirror.  Did you see the first two series on Channel 4?  The third series is on Netflix and the tech-y themes and slightly awkward storylines utterly sucked me in.

Film of the month:   "Supersonic", a film about Oasis in their prime,  was showing for one night only at my local cinema so absolutely had to be there to relive my youth!  Probably not the best viewing if you're not an Oasis fan but having completely obsessed over them in the 90s, I loved every minute of it.  It's still showing in a few cinemas but if you can't get out to see it, it's being released on DVD!  Woo hoo!  Just in time for Christmas wish lists!

Ear worm of the month:  I'm a bit indifferent to the Kaiser Chiefs but I've had their latest song going through my head from the moment I first heard it.

Book of the month:  That reading challenge I started at the beginning of the year...not going so well...

Favourite food of the month: We headed up north to visit Mr Jones' family for an early Christmas meal as his parents will away on a cruise this year (lucky ducks!).  Rather than everyone trying to squeeze into his parents' bungalow, the 16-strong gang headed to their local pub.  There was a lack of Christmassy dishes on the menu (it was October to be fair...) but spotted something that was pretty close to a roast dinner.  Introducing the "beef Yorkie burrito"!  Juicy roast beef snuggled in a Yorkshire pub duvet.  Perfect comfort food and potentially something I need to try making at home!

I use Collect to gather and sort out all of my "photo a day" pictures but do tend to also upload them to Instagram…want to see each picture from the last month?  Let's be friends!


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