Saturday 11 March 2017

What I Got Up To: February 2017

The sun has got his hat on, the daffs are in full bloom and the shops are full of Mini Eggs - spring is here!

February wasn't too busy a month for me (I'm still claiming to be recovering from the busy nightmare at work that was Christmas) but managed to fit in a few fun things - Thai food with my pal Loulou, a candy making masterclass and taking part in Aunt Peaches' final Valentine Swap (it was so lovely to get a little crafty and to receive snail mail!).

How was your February?

Food -Agedashi tofu at Feng Sushi.  To be fair, I could eat agedashi tofu every single day with the mix of sweet miring, salty soy sauce and umami packed dash and I have tried quite a few versions of this but the one I had at Feng Sushi just before my candy masterclass was definitely one of my favourites!

Film - As a big Roald Dahl fan I'm always a little wary of his wonderful stories being made into films but "Fantastic Mr Fox" didn't disappoint me.  It was charming, funny and I think it really did the original story justice.

Music - "Magnificent (She Says)" by Elbow

Book - I've been really bad this month with my reading challenge...I've not finished a single book this month :/

Best Kept Secret nude nail varnish from Cheeky Nails

Product - shhhhh...don't tell anyone but "Best Kept Secret" from Cheeky Nails is my absolute favourite "nude" colour.  It's a really good colour on my skin tone and lasts forever!  I had one of Cheeky's advent calendars over Christmas and it was an utter delight to see what fab colour was waiting behind the door each day!  There are so many colours that I loved but have found that Best Kept Secret is the one I've been using the most.


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