Sunday 31 August 2014

Photo a Day: August

August - the eighth month of the year, the month my mum celebrates her birthday and also when the Edinburgh Festival takes place.  Did anyone manage to go?  I've always thought it would be fun to not only visit that part of Scotland but to also flit from venue to venue in search of laughs at the Fringe shows.

August saw National Burger Day (27th) and burgers were the topic of the very first #fdbloggers chat that I hosted.  I can't think of anything better than talking about everything "burger" for a whole hour and getting to discuss food with some brilliant bloggers - it was so much fun!

Look up…see that burger?  We went for a rare dinner out to Relish in St Albans and have to say the iPhone photo doesn't do it justice - it was probably one of the best burgers I've ever had…brioche bun though!  Why?!  I'm not a fan of brioche for burger buns…

So here again is my "photo a day" collage…still going strong and still really pleased that I've managed to keep it up all year!  How are you doing with your resolution or goals for the year?

Song of the month:  "A Sky Full of Stars" - Coldplay.  I'm biased because I am partial to a good Coldplay song but this song is fab!  It starts out mellow enough but soon you'll be bopping away with the dance-y beat.  The video is great fun!

Film of the month:  I've see a lot of films this month but with the sad passing of Robin Williams I wanted to pick one of my favourite films of his - The Birdcage.  Rest in peace, Mr Williams.

Tv of the month: The Killing - I love a good crime drama and although it took me a few episodes to get into this Danish thriller, I was hooked! With all the twists and plot turns you could want, it follows the story of Sarah Lund trying to hunt down the killer of a teenage girl.  Yes, there are subtitles but after a while it became easy to read.  If you're adverse to subtitles, there is also an American version…

Favourite food of the month: Scouse pie - imagine a thick beef, potato, swede and carrot stew in a pastry case.  I've only had it at Goodison Park when I've been to see Everton play but it's tasty and especially nice with a cup of Bovril.  I have a feeling it might be an upcoming kitchen project as what says Autumn more than stew and pie?!  Should I sneak in a picture?  Yes, I think I should….

Favourite find of the month: Cate in the Kitchen - a charming blogger I met on Twitter ("met" as in we tweet!).  I love the simplicity of her page but don't let looks deceive you. She has an awesome sense of humour (one of the first posts I read was the Bake Off highlights), great photo skills and really tasty looking recipes!  Stop by to say hiya!

Best day: (Weekend)…Drove to Liverpool on Friday afternoon, had dinner with Mr Jones' mum and dad, saw our niece (also my goddaughter) who has really sprouted up since we last saw her and is completely gorgeous and funny, went to an Everton game (boooo….lost!), saw some more Jones family then drove back.  It was a wonderful weekend and felt waaaaay too short.  Could have done without the stop/start traffic on the motorway which extended our journey both ways by a good 1 1/2 - 2 hours!

Worst day: Liver biopsy - since being being diagnosed with Crohn's I've had regular blood tests to monitor the inflammation.  One thing spotted was a raised liver function result so the doc decided it best to have a liver biopsy…scary as hell as I've never had anything more than a few stitches!  Saying that though, although it was uncomfortable I know there are people out there with Crohn's who have it a lot worse than I do so am thankful I've not needed surgery and admire the strength of the "Crohnies" who have.

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