Saturday 2 August 2014

Photo a Day: July

When I started this "Photo a Day" project at the beginning of the year, did I really think I'd make it all the way to July without skipping a day?  Nope!  Definitely not!  But I did and even though it's such a small thing, I'm pleased I've stuck with it!  It's made me look for memorable things in every single day and it's a great way to quickly look back over the year.  I have a terrible memory but having a small snapshot of something from each day makes it easy to trigger my memory about what I've done each day.

So!  July!  It seems like a pretty good month for independence with the obvious US Independence day but it's also recognised in 13 other countries!  Bring on the fireworks, BBQs, picnics and celebrating!

Song of the month: Just in time for summer - "As Long As I Got You" by Lily Allen.  It's the perfect song for bopping along to when it's hot outside.  The video is set  at a festival so if this doesn't get you ready to enjoy the sun, I don't know what will!

Film of the month: A bit of an oldie - "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure"!  I've wanted to re-watch it for ages but couldn't find it on Netflix but luckily ITV showed it one weekend.  Of course watching one of my favourite childhood films that was made in 1989 didn't make me feel old at all...ok, maybe it did...remember folks - be excellent to each other!

Tv of the month:  Another blast from the past on my tv this month - "Peep Show".  It's so amazingly awkward at times and the characters so addictive we've found ourselves watching almost an entire series in one sitting!

Favourite food of the month: Chicken and avocado causa from Andina in Shoreditch - smooth mashed potato, a layer of avocado and a cold chicken salad.  Coriander, lime, avocado...what more could you want in a dish?!

Favourite find of the month: I am a Food Blog - oh my goodness!  The food is tasty and the photography is so perfect and crisp that I can practically taste everything on the page!

Best day: My old friend from High School coming to visit from Sweden - we'd not seen each other for something stupid like 9 years but just picked up where we left off.

Worst day: Being bitten by some sort of insect!  My whole forearm was red and swollen, the bit that was bitten started to blister and my arm was so hot from the bite I got a heat rash!


  1. Familiar situation to me:) In every town I visit they have such a bridge of love or wall of love where lovers hung up locks with their name like a sign of love that lasts forever.

    1. I've seen them online but not in person - it was really lovely and hope to stumble across more!



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