Monday 6 October 2014

There's something really great about Halloween - you can pretend to be someone totally different with the right costume, decorate your house inside and out to create a haunted house, snuggle up under a blanket and scare yourself silly with a scary film or get creative with food and turn everything into a pumpkin!

I have to admit that without having any children, Halloween tends to get a little overlooked in our house except for the scary film bit but there are so many great ideas out there that I couldn't help but share a few of my favourites plus some good films to watch to get into the spooky spirit!

Some great inspiration for spooky Halloween food

I love the puking pumpkin from Andrea Buckett Cooks - the guac is perfect "vom" and the blue corn chips fit in better then their yellow cousins

Orange sherbet filled "pumpkins" from

Sweet potato fries from Real Simple are a great way to "spook up" any dinner plate.

Chocolate covered pumpkin pretzels from Make Bake Celebrate

Some spooky food ideas for Halloween

Surprise ghost cake from i am baker is something I could only ever dream of baking - so clever!

Spider pie from not martha

Dracula cookies from Wagon Cafe

Bloody syringe Shirley Temples from Your Southern Peach look like great fun and perfect for a party!

Severed "fingers" in a bun from PartyTipz are so realistic!  Imagine these at a children's party - would they be horrified or delighted?!

If you're not keen on wearing a costume, why not try these Halloween nail art ideas?

Glowing Jack-o-Lantern tutorial from Xenia Fashion
Skeleton nails from Broadsheet
Monochrome and glitter nails from Nail Art Gallery
"Crimi-nails" from Nails Magazine

Turn your house into a haunted house with these brilliant Halloween decoration ideas

Candy corn candle from Yankee Candle smells just like the real thing!

Drilled pumpkins from Crafty Nest - a pretty alternative to the usual carved faces

Paper bat from Stylizimo - simple but stylish!

Lacy pumpkin from Lauren Conrad

Fang napkin holders from BuzzFeed

The Worst Witch - one of my favourite films growing up and not too scary for the kiddies!  Except the special effects.  They are pretty scary (well, it was the 80s!)

You can get in the mood for two holidays with The Nightmare Before Christmas

When The Blair Witch Project was released, do you remember how scared everyone was?

The Walking Dead - well you can't have Halloween without a few zombies!

I didn't used to like scary films very much but they've grown on me.  Paranormal Activity was one of the first proper scary films I watched and it still makes me jump!

Do you have any favourite Halloween tricks or treats?

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