Monday 6 April 2015

Photo a Day 2015 - March

March is a funny month…not quite winter, not quite spring.  Here in Berkhamsted we've had some lovely mild and sunny days, we've also had sudden epic downpours and high winds.  The daffodils have ignored the bad weather and have started popping up all over the place so after months of dullness it's nice to see splashes of colour coming through!

March is a good month for you if, like me, you're a fan of greens - kale, cabbage and spinach are all "springing" to our plates!  If you want something a little sweeter, the supermarket shelves are well stocked with hot cross buns ready to be toasted and smothered in butter…

Earworm of the month: Do you know what?  I think this is the first month I've not had a song stuck in my head on repeat!

Film of the month: "The Theory of Everything" - yep, it's definitely been Oscar season!  It was excellent to see that Eddie Redmayne won "Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role" (mouthful!) because after watching him play Stephen Hawking perfectly I truly believe he deserved it!  There were times when I completely forgot that I wasn't watching a film with the actual Stephen Hawking in it!

Tv of the month: I thouroughly enjoyed watching Bill Cunningham New York - a glimpse into the life of the New York Times photographer who whizzes around on his bike to events to take pictures of the glam NYC citizens and stands on street corners snapping away at shoes, skirts and style that catch his eye.

Favourite food of the month: New York Bagel Company "roasted garlic and herb" bagels.  Ok, so they're still not the bagels I got used to while living in the States but these were sooooo tasty!  Great for making a sandwich or use them instead of a bun when you have chicken burgers.  The packaging says that they are limited edition but fingers crossed they keep ranging them!

Favourite find of the month:  A little different this month - it's a YouTuber!  I found Ron Vuggotta on one of those YouTube binges that you get stuck in - you watch a clip, you see something interesting on the side bar, you watch that, you see something else ineresting….you get the point.  I love his videos  - there are a lot of beauty tips but they always seem to go slightly wrong.

Best day: Booking flights to Iceland!  Besides weekends away for weddings and Christmas we have never actually been on holiday together!  I've not even been on a plane since 2010…I am scared of it though…ANYWAY - I've wanted to go to Iceland for probably over 20 years and so I'm super excited to be visiting!

Worst day: No bad days!

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