Monday 9 September 2013

Bye Bye Summer, Hello Autumn!

So this weekend seemed to be a definite line in the Summer/Autumn sand - Saturday was lovely and Sunday was...well...a bit grizzly with drizzle and clouds.

Today was kind of a big full stop at the end of Summer with grey clouds and drizzle all day and then a heavy downpour this evening so I though what better way to close things down for summer than a quick trip down memory lane...

So this was my summer!
We moved into our house in October last year so had no chance to explore around the beautiful town that is Berkhamsted without a brolly.  These are some of my favourite sights from around town when the weather was decent...

And of course my birthday BBQ - what a great day!  So nice to see so many people including an old school mate!  The pinata was excellent as well - Mr Jones beat the crap out of it!

It was so nice to have a proper garden and be able to grow things...the "meadow" garden was a hit with the bees and butterflies, the sweet peas were a hit with me and the lavender was just lovely!  The kitties had their first summer outside as well - they LOVED being able to wander around the garden, chase butterflies and on the odd occasion, a frog....

I baked a few things this summer but feel that autumn is the perfect time to start baking.  I tried so many new things this summer and can't wait to bake more!

What was your favourite thing this summer?

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