Wednesday 4 September 2013

My Kitchen Favourites

We live in a rented house at the moment so there's not much that we can do as far as personalising the kitchen so I have made sure it's full of things I love and thought that for this post instead of cooking something I would show the things behind the cooking...

This picture actually shows three things that I love and as there's no room for the two oddly shaped dishes they sit in the corner by the window...

In the corner by the window, next to the cooker

1. "Tournee du Chat Noir" - this is Theophile Steinlen's very well known advertisement for a cabaret in Paris - my sister bought this print for me ages ago and love it.  The kitchen has black tiles and black counters but there are a number of red appliances so this goes perfectly!

2. Square "Cleveland" plate - mum brought this over for me on her last visit.  It has a border showing all of the well known places in Cleveland (Ohio) but does it in quite a tasteful way and is part of the Cleveland Collection

3. Grey spotty soup bowl with spoon - I visited Sidmouth with mum this summer and while looking in Delderfields saw a these bowls in all different colours.  We picked out 3 so we could all have one!  I love how the spoon fits in the handle.

4. I'm trying to use vinegar as a household cleaner so that not-so-pretty jar is vinegar with lemon peel.

Little bowls

1. Starry bowl - I've had this for years!  Before my bestie Lou jetted off to South Korea to teach we saw these in Whittards and as lovers of stars we had to have them!

2. Other little bowls -  I don't know where mum got these from but they were another kitchen based present from her.  Although none of the colours match I kind of like that and they are perfect for so many things - soaking small quantities of seaweed, a scoop of ice cream...

My food cupboard - I'm not sure if this is normal in many households but as I use so many ingredients that Mr Jones wouldn't even consider eating I stash them in my own cupboard.   It's full of most of my Asian finds - the large jars hold different types of seaweed, dried tofu, soy sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds, black fungus.

Another cupboard that is entirely mine...the baking cupboard!  In our old flat I kept my cookery books on the shelves in the living room with all of our other books but really like that I now have them in the kitchen. I LOVE my baby blue scales - they may not be 100% accurate (compared to digital scales) but I would feel wrong going digital when weighing things!

Spice drawer!  Yes, it is organised alphabetically.  Sometimes things just need to be organised like that! Those steak knives I bought for Mr Jones a few years back - lovely steak and new knives to cut with make a really good birthday present!

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