Thursday 3 April 2014

LDN (London)

Last weekend was SUCH a great weekend!  Honestly, I had such a good weekend this weekend that I think the only weekend that beat it was the weekend Mr Jones proposed to me.

We had the chance to see Russell Howard at the O2 Arena and we kind of built it up from there.  Mr Jones received an "experience" voucher from a group of friends for his birthday a while ago that we needed to use up and conveniently Mr Jones' team, Everton, were playing against Fulham.  Rather than run back and forth over the weekend I booked a room in a hotel close to the O2 and we were all set for a "mini break" (ok, Bridget Jones...)

Apologies for the low resolution photos - I didn't want to carry my big camera with me so depended on my phone!

Saturday - Russell Howard at the O2 Arena

We left mid afternoon on Saturday and got a train into Euston then made our way by tube and DLR to Custom house which is where I found a hotel which had groovy wood patterned carpet and an excellent bar...the room was small but ideal for us (excuse the bags!)

We made our way to the O2 arena via the Emirates cable cars...

I was stupidly excited because I've never been on a cable car and loved the view even though it was dark...

We were lucky enough to be in a box to see Russell Howard so although we weren't close to the stage at all it was a great experience seeing the whole arena and there screens on either side of the stage so we could see what was going on.

By the way...everything is so symmetrical except for one thing and being someone who likes symmetry it bothered the heck out of me!  Can you see what it is?

I laughed so much that on Monday my stomach muscles were so sore I felt as if I had done a load of sit-ups!

Sunday - Football and Steak

After a lot of beer/wine the night before the only sensible thing to start Sunday with was a big breakfast.  The hotel had a great selection of traditional English breakfast things plus cereals, fruit, cheese and cold cuts.

Fuelled for the day ahead we headed to Fulham.  Unfortunately due to tube issues we had to get off at Hammersmith and walk at a brisk pace to Craven Cottage while constantly checking over our shoulders to see if there was a taxi heading our way so we wouldn't miss kickoff.

We managed to get to our seats, right at the front, 3 minutes after kickoff.  We were so close I could smell the grass!

I won't go into too many details about the game but it was excellent!  It's only the second game I've been to and my first away game but I throughly enjoyed it.  I sang along with the songs ("'cause we only know that there's gonna be a show, the Everton boys are there"), boo-ed when goals were missed, jumped up and cheered when Everton scored.

After the game we wandered with the crowds through Bishop's Park to the tube then made our way to the Kings Road Steakhouse and Grill.

The restaurant was smaller than I thought it would be but the decor and atmosphere was exactly what I expected.  The host and servers were all well presented, helpful and there in a flash with food and drinks.  We were presented with a menu for three courses that included cocktails.

Having a hate of whiskey and gin I opted for the Bloody Mary...not a was like drinking ketchup...

I chose the potted duck for starters, house cut steak (rare, of course) and triple fried chips for my main course and vanilla cheesecake for dessert.  All courses were perfection!  It did make me realise why I never order three courses anywhere - I was stuffed!

Luckily we had a bit of a walk through Kensington to get to the tube to walk off the food.  I was completely in awe of some of the houses that we walked past - I don't think I could ever afford even a room of those 3 story, gated houses with Porches and Range Rovers parked inside the gates!

By the time we got on the train home at Euston we both could have easily fallen asleep!  It really was a wonderful weekend but wow was it tiring!

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  1. Awwwww, sounds like a fab weekend lovely :). xxx



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