Tuesday 1 April 2014

Photo a Day: March

March means it's officially spring.  Are there signs of Spring where you are?  The ultimate sign of spring for me is daffodils and they are everywhere!

March starts out with St David's day for Wales but also features such days as Pi Day (03/24 in American calendars and a great excuse to bake!), Save a Spider Day on the 14th (no thanks!) and St Patrick's Day (green beer!).

March was a great month for me - I finally got my Humira delivery so am starting to conquer my Crohn's and had an absolutely fantastic weekend with Mr Jones in London. I'm also proud of myself for completing a third month of my "Photo a Day" project!  I'd love to hear from anyone else who started a project like this so get in touch!  Oh and by the way...ombre eggs are the way forward for eggy organising!

Song of the month: I'm cheating this month because I have a song AND an album..."Coming of Age" by Foster the People is the song - I've heard it a few times on the radio and it's a really catchy song.  "Attack of the Mutant 50ft Kebab" by Space is the album - I loved the two albums that came out in 2000 and saw them live so am delighted that they have released a new album 14 years later.  Yes, I feel old!

Film of the month: It's a film I've already seen but still think it's just genius - "Tucker and Dale vs Evil".  When a group of collage kids encounter two harmless "hillbillies"there are all sorts of horrific incidents that point to Tucker & Dale but there are many, many twists!

Tv of the month: We watch so much Netflix and iPlayer that I can't even remember what "real" tv I might have watched so I am honouring Dr Who because my best friend Lou is finally discovering how fantastic it is!!!

Favourite food of the month: Has to be the potted duck with peppercorns that I had at the MPW Steakhouse this past weekend - almost a pate but still had the texture. It was served with toast and micro herbs and I could probably eat it every day!

Best day: Not a day, a weekend!  Post coming soon but we spent last weekend in London doing all kinds of fantastic things - although completely worn out on Sunday night/Monday, it was one of the best weekends I've ever had!

Worst day: The night I tripped over on the patio, cut my knee open and had to wake up Mr Jones to be my medic followed by a trip to Urgent Care...no stitches just sticky strips.

I export my "PAD" photo every month from the app I use - would you rather see smaller photos with better quality or larger photos with slight blurriness?  This month I've tried latter.

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