Monday 5 May 2014

Birthday Inspiration

It's my birthday!  I will at some point muster up the motivation to head to the kitchen for a birthday recipe post but until then...

I've been looking at all the beautiful birthday-y ideas around the web and thought I'd round them all up into a little post.  I can't believe how much effort some people put into celebrating - maybe for my 40th...?

Cake Pops, "Happy Birthday" card, washi tape cups and straws, feather boa centrepieces, birthday cake, vintage dotty dress

Dotty cake, party invitations, sprinkle balloons, Trix crispies

Glitter heart cake topper, disco cake pops, get your sparkle on, glittery glasses and bottles

And as my birthday falls on Cinco de Mayo...
Layered dip cups, pinata cookies, paper pom pom, "embroidery" cake



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