Wednesday 23 September 2015

Bye Bye Berkhamsted

Some of the sights around Berkhamsted - the canal, the town hall, old advertising and the local florist

Three years ago we moved to Berkhamsted…we're now embarking on the next adventure which involves a move into London.  I know!  Me!  In London!

I'm so sad to leave this lovely part of Hertfordshire but the office we both work at is relocating to Acton and neither of us wanted to do the soul destroying 3+ hour commute each day so decided that the best thing would be to move closer to our new place of work.

At first I was doubtful - I lived in London for a year and it was too busy, crowded and well, too "fast" for me so didn't think that 14 years later I would be moving back in.  We had a vague idea of which areas we wanted to move to and I'd seen them on maps, heard the names mentioned but really had no idea what these places would be like.  Richmond, Twickenham, Teddington, Kew (to name a few) - couldn't be further from the busy Islington I remembered!

So with new and exciting London experiences to come I wanted to have a look back at some of my favourite Berkhamsted specific posts…

Shooter's Sandwich - steak, mushrooms and mustard all tightly packed into a whole loaf then pressed to create this delicious sandwich

My very first post from Berkhamsted - Shooter's Sandwich.  Oh cringe.  This is clearly before I got a new camera…

Next was our visit to the Bank Holiday fete which is held every year at the cricket club.  It was a beautiful sunny day so we took a stroll across town to try out some archery, a few raffles and get invaded by wasps while trying to eat our food from the hog roast.

Obviously we stopped off in a beer garden on the way home to enjoy the sun with our new friend!

Scoops/Mario's in Berkhamsted make high quality gelato right in the shop!

Scoops (now Marios) is one of my tastiest Berkhamsted memories…I was lucky enough to be invited by the owner who not only let me taste ALL of the gelato but talked me through the entire process of how they lovingly make each batch by hand in a little room above the cafe.  It might be known under a different name now but it's still as tasty!

Car Boots Sales & a Steam Fair - we love a good car boot sale.  Who doesn't?!  Living in this area meant we were lucky enough to have a decent choice of local car boot sales.  I guessing that in the area we will be moving to there might not be so many close by.

It's a great way to clear out any extra stuff you might have lying around and on this particular day we spent all our "earnings" on a pub lunch followed by a trip to the steam fair that was on Boxmoor.

Mr Jones' Birthday BBQ was one of my favourite social times in Berkhamsted.  We invited sooooo many people (but think we were well prepared for it…)

It was a beautiful sunny day in June and luckily because Berkhamsted is so easy to get to via rail or road we had a good turnout!

Berkhamsted farmer's market is held on a Sunday once a month right on the high street.  Perfect for finding fresh and locally made produce

One thing I'm defnintely going to miss is the Berkhamsted Farmer's Market.  Our house is about a 10 minute walk from the high street so perfectly situated to pick up fresh local produce once a month!  It's so nice to have a look (and taste!) of all of the fresh foods that are on offer and I love being able to stop and have a chat with some of my favourite foodies!

Zero sushi in Berkhamsted - high quality and fresh sushi made from scratch.

I always get excited when a new small business opens up but can't tell you how excited I was when I found out Zero Juice & Sushi was opening right on the Berkhamsted high street!  To be 10 minutes away from the freshest sushi I've ever tasted was the best thing ever!  I loved meeting the owner and having a quick sushi 101 - he was clearly so passionate about getting the best quality ingredients and making the best sushi which you can tell if you give it a taste.  Not to mention it has been one of my most popular posts to date so clearly other Berkhamsted residents feel the same way!

The very first Taste of Berkhamsted held at Ashlyn's Hall

And sadly, my last Berkhamsted food adventure - the very first "Taste of Berkhamsted" which was the perfect way to end my time in this area!

So thank you to Berkhamsted and the wonderful people I've met along the way.  With the amount of days until we actually move now in single digits I have mixed emotions - sad to leave this lovely area but excited to explore new places and meet new foodie friends!

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  1. It's always exciting and scary moving somewhere new - I'm sure you'll love it in your new neighbourhood! London isn't so bad... I moved here from NZ so it's a little bit of a change but not really :)



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