Wednesday 7 October 2015

Hungry House App (and Some Tasty Takeaway!)

Having lived in a lovely little town for three years with limited access to food delivery it's not surprising that now I live on the outskirts of London my food delivery options have expanded dramatically….

Screenshot from my old house…8 places open that would bring food to my door…

Now I live closer to the Big Smoke…84 places can bring me food at the touch of a button!!!! 84! That's 10 times more food!!!!

Ridiculous!  Do I ever need to cook again?!  Well, yes…probably…even though I've not posted a recipe lately I still do quite like cooking…

Me and Mr Jones both work for the same company and the office we are based in is moving.  We moved into London because neither of use are interested in spending 3-4 hours a day driving to and from work.  We're not quite aligned with the whole office move as we are now down here in London and our teams are still outside London for the next three weeks.  Yesterday was the first journey up/down the M25 to get to the office and afer spending just over an hour getting home I really didn't fancy cooking my dinner and had a massive craving for something Chinese/Japanese.

I was going to take a little wander to the local sushi takeaway but discovered that it's closed on Monday (I will be posting more about this place later though!).   My food craving was still going strong…

Having downloaded the Hungry House app earlier on in the day I thought I would get something delivered…lazy, yes…I'm doing it all in the name of research though…yes, that's it…research…

The app was really easy to use - I just entered my postcode and got a list of places that would deliver to me.  I needed (yes, needed!) Chinese/Japanese so used the handy filter option to pick the "cuisine" I was in the mood for.

After browsing a few restaurants I found exactly what I wanted (gyoza!!!!! miso soup!!!!) from ISO Sushi in Twickenham so picked what I wanted from the menu, added to my "basket" and went through to the checkout.  I had my wallet at the ready but then saw that PayPal was accepted as well as card payment and cash so just had to enter my PayPal login details - could ordering food be easier than this?!  Within seconds I had a text confirmation that my order had been received and then spent a while pacing the room and peering out of the window to see if my order had arrived.

After about 40 minutes my order was delivered.   I guess delivery time would depend on where you live and what you order but when my food turned up it was still piping hot.

The app also saves your orders so if you're like me and tend to order the same thing time after time, you can just click on the "reorder" button and you're ready for checkout!

So within no time at all I had a bowl of steaming miso soup in front of me, a chicken gyoza udon pot in the kitchen and then something new to try for dessert -  a custard dorayaki…

As always I ended up ordering to much food and had the chicken dumpling/udon dish for lunch today - it was absolutely delicious and I had many comments from jealous colleagues about how good it looked.  I have a feeling that this won't be the last time I place this order…

I loved how easy it was to use the Hungry House app to order food and can definitely see myself using it again - it's only right to explore all my new local food options, right?!  My only gripe is that I would like the text to be a little smaller to make it easier to scroll through the many menu options for some places plus more descriptions of the actual dishes would be nice - this could just be an option some restaurants don't go for though.  I like that there's a rating option - once you've had your food you can rate the quality of food, speed and value for money - it's always great to leave feedback for future order-ers!

ISO Sushi
30 York Street, 
TW1 3LJ 
0208 8913134
(other branch addresses on website)

*I paid for all of the food tonight and am independently reviewing Hungry House and ISO Sushi.


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