Sunday 25 October 2015

Foodie bucket list - now I'm ideally located to adventure out into the food world of London I thought it only right to put together a list of all of the places I feel I should visit!  Be sure to add your suggestions in the comments!

Now that we live closer to central London I am excited to hunt down some new food adventures but as you can imagine there are SO many things to do in the capital I have no clue where to even start.  Only one thing for it - a list!

I've hunted around the internet to try to find some food-based things I want to explore and am pretty sure that this is just a starting point and will be added to!

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Borough market
This is definitely top of my list - history, food, more food, what's not to love?!  The massive list of traders on their website has a wide variety of products from baked goods to cheeses to fresh fruit and veg to spices.  There are also cafes, bars and restaurants galore (I imagine these would come in handy for a sit down after all the food browsing!) and they hold events like cooking demonstrations, tours and tastings.

Borough Market
8 Southwark Street, 

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British Museum of Food
The website descibes the museum as "the world’s first cultural institution entirely devoted to the history, evolution, science, sociology and art of food". Yep, all right up my street!  Oh, and they have a menu archive.  I do love a good read of a menu so think this sounds particulary interesting!

British Museum of Food
1 Cathedral Street,

Best local roast lunch
The great British roast dinner - easy enough to make at home but there's something nice about being in a creaky old pub on a Sunday afternoon with a massive plate of comfort food in front of you (that someone else has made…).  Whether you prefer beef, chicken or pork I am pretty sure most people will have a "go-to" place for the ultimate roast.  I know, I know, you're thinking that I've set myself a difficult challenge in trawling round pubs in the local area and having to stuff myself with beef, crispy roast potatoes and fluffy Yorkshire puddings but it's for the sake of research and am committed to it!

Cooking class
I've wanted to try a cooking class for a while - I love trying out new things in my own kitchen but think it would be fun to be part of a group learning new things from someone who is an expert!  A quick search online threw back looooads of classes for all levels, cuisines and locations so searched again for my favourite cuisine - Japanese - and found some promising classes!  If anyone's tried any of these or know of other classes, let me know!

Yuki's Kitchen - Japanese Street Food - Gyoza "Three Ways"
Sozai - Gyoza Class
Red Letter Days - Japanese Home Cooking

Burger Hunt
Japanese food may be my absolute favourite but it is closely followed by a good juicy burger!  I'm on an ongoing quest to find the ultimate burger but there's one small requirement - it has to be under £10 and preferrably no brioche bun!  Mr Jones and I see no reason why a good burger has to cost any more than that.  So far we've tried Byron Burger in Chiswick when we were house hunting (£9.50) …

We also took it upon ourselves to sample the burgers at our local pub (ok so this is their chicken burger but have tried the beef burger and it was very tasty and just scraped by at £10.00)…

We did have another burger experience last week but we'll not talk about that because it wasn't a particularly good experience (raw!).  So the quest continues.  I've seen Instagram posts galore with some good looking patties so will have to venture out to these places to give them a go!

Dirty Burger - Shoreditch (£6.00)
Meat Liqueur - Near Oxford Street (£8.00)
Five Guys - all over the place (£6.75)
Shake Shack - Covent Garden (£5.25)
Patty & Bun - three around London (£7.50)
BRGR.CO - Soho and Chelsea (£6.75)

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Twickenham Farmer's Market
I love a good farmer's market - fresh produce, local products and a great opportunity to meet other food fans in the area.  I was really pleased when I found out there is a market just around the corner from me…sadly not the five minute walk away like the one where we used to live but still very close!  The good news is that it's on every Saturday!  I can't wait to visit as the list of stallholders looks very delicious!

Twickenham Farmer's Market
Holly Road Car Park, 

Food Tours
Heck, if you're in London you have to go on some sort of tour, right?!  Not the usual open top bus or river tour though (already done that!) - a food tour!  I found a couple of links that mix local history and food that sounds really interesting!

The Urban Carnivore Tour - "3 and a bit hours" of meat and history starting near Old Street tube
Free Tours by Foot - a great website that has links to self-guided tours around different areas of London

Do you have any other suggestions to add to my Londond foodie bucket list?  I'd love to hear from you so leave your ideas and tips in the comments!


  1. You could try the Red Cow Carvery at the covered market in Greenwich on Saturdays. You'll probably like their roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, gravy, and melted cheese, or the steak sandwich this guy had:

  2. Sounds great - thanks for the tip!

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